How To Contact Starlink Customer Support

Are you having an issue with your Starlink system? As simple as the kit is, there are still many things that can go wrong. Whether your dish is not connecting to the internet, or you have billing questions, it’s important to know how to get in touch with Starlink customer support.

Starlink is good at a lot of things, but one area that seems to be lacking at the moment is customer support. I get messages almost daily about how to contact Starlink to get an issue addressed. Don’t worry, you aren’t missing an obvious phone number, email, or contact form on their website.

In this article, I will walk you though the steps that you should take to get support for your Starlink system. I’ll show you step by step how to contact Starlink, and answer some commonly asked questions.

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Starlink Support Documentation

Before reaching out to Starlink, try to find the answer to your question on Starlink’s support page. They have a variety of support categories that answer the most common issues, such as setup, installation, billing, obstructions, etc.

You can find the Starlink support page on the website or in the app, just click on Support. Most people will find what they are looking for by simply browsing or searching for their specific issue.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you can’t find what you need on Starlink’s support page, be sure to check out our Starlink troubleshooting guide. The guide covers all of the common problems, and tells you how to fix them.

How To Contact Starlink Support

If you can’t resolve the issue with the documentation on the support page or our troubleshooting guide, you’ll need to create a ticket with Starlink customer support. Here is how you contact support:

Step 1: Open the Starlink app

Starlink app icon

The best way to communicate with Starlink is through the Starlink app, which is available for iOS and Android. If you haven’t already done so, install the app by searching for Starlink in your app store. Once installed, open the app and log in to your account by tapping the profile icon in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Search the support section

Click on support
Browse support topics

In the Starlink app, tap on Support. Several common topics will be displayed. You can search through the topics to try to find the issue that you are having.

Step 3: Create a support ticket

Hit the thumbs down icon to contact support
Type your message to support, including any attachments if necessary

If you can’t find a solution to your problem from the answers displayed in the support section of the app, tap the thumbs down icon below the answer. Alternatively, you can just tap on Contact Starlink support from the main menu of the support section (see screenshot in step 2).

After you hit the thumbs down icon, you will be asked to provide details about your issue. Whether it’s a billing problem or your system is down, provide as much information as possible. You can even attach screenshots or other files if you want.

To submit your ticket, tap the send button. When you hit send, a ticket will be created in the Starlink support system. You’ll receive an email confirmation that you can reference later on. When someone from Starlink responds, you will get a notification on your phone, as well as an email update.

Website Method

If you don’t want to use the Starlink app, you can also create a support ticket from the Starlink website. Visit the Starlink Create Support Ticket page. You need to be logged in to your Starlink account:

Website support page

Browse the support documentation for your issue. There is a search box you can use to search for keywords. You can also browse through the various categories to find your issue. If you don’t see a solution to your issue, hit Contact Support from the menu on the left side. You can also hit the thumbs down icon on any of the support articles to get to the same place.

Support topics

After hitting Contact Support (or the thumbs down icon), hit Contact Support when prompted. If another prompt appears asking you to switch to the app, click Continue On Web.

Now you are directed to a ticket request form. Fill out the subject line, add a detailed description of the problem, and add attachments if necessary. Click Submit Request to complete the process.

Website ticket form

Check Or Update A Ticket

To check on the status of current or previous support tickets, visit the website or app. Make sure you are logged in. Click on Support. On the web, click on All Messages in the left side menu. You’ll find a list of your current and previous tickets to review. On the app, hit the mail icon in the upper right corner of the screen to see a list of previous and current tickets.

Click all messages on the Starlink website
On the app, tap the mail icon

This is where you can add additional information to your ticket if needed. Don’t try to create a new ticket for the same issue, it will be automatically closed by Starlink. Instead, just add a new reply to an existing ticket.

How To Contact Starlink Without An Account

If you are having trouble ordering Starlink, or are locked out of your account, there is a way to get help from Starlink without having to log in:

  1. Visit this page:
  2. Select your issue from the list of options
  3. Fill out the form, including your contact information

Starlink will review the information, and get back to you with the contact information you provided on the form.

Starlink Customer Complaint Email

The fastest way to get support for Starlink is to use the online ticket system that we outlined above. Starlink has a separate system for resolving customer complaints. If you have a complaint, are locked out of your account, or don’t have an account, you can try emailing SpaceX.

You can email SpaceX about Starlink issues by sending a message to: [email protected]

Make sure to include “Consumer Complaint” in the email subject line for more efficient email processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Starlink have a phone number or email?

No, Starlink does not have a public phone number to call. There isn’t an email that you can send a message to either. You will not be able to call and speak to someone regarding Starlink products or support. The only contact method is their support ticket system.

If you would rather talk to a human at Starlink, include a request in your support ticket for Starlink to call you. If you request it, Starlink support will initiate a phone call with you regarding your issue, but there is no public number for customers to dial to reach Starlink by phone.

I’m not a customer, how do I contact Starlink?

If you don’t have a Starlink account, you won’t be able to contact Starlink through the online ticket system. Starlink has a separate contact form for people who are locked out of their account, or are having issues ordering from the website.

For businesses and other organizations, you can schedule a sales consultation on the Starlink website. Sales consultations only apply to the business service tiers. Sales consultations are not available for consumers interested in the Residential or Roam plans.

Why don’t I see the thumbs down icon?

Make sure you are logged in when trying to create a support ticket on the app or website. If you don’t see the thumbs down icon like in the screenshots, this is the most common reason why. You need to be a Starlink customer and logged in to your account to create a ticket.

Why do my tickets keep getting closed immediately?

Duplicate tickets will be automatically closed by Starlink. If you have an open ticket, creating new ones for the same issue won’t result in a faster response. If you have additional information to add to an existing issue, go back to the ticket and add a new reply.

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786 thoughts on “How To Contact Starlink Customer Support”

  1. As you know, using the Internet in Iran is very difficult and comes with restrictions

    I bought 3 Starlinks, but unfortunately there are accounts on all 3 of them and I can’t create a new account.

    And unfortunately, these dishes have changed hands and no one here knows and there is no access to the seller.

    How can you help me to use these dishes?

    Thank you

  2. Why is the Starlink kit approximately $700 USD through the starlink site, but $2500 USD through Costco? I cannot see product codes, so I am not sure if this is an updated hardware version or simply an insane markup. Any ideas?

  3. Hi, I bought the Starlink equipment and used Starlink for about 2 months in my holiday home about 2 years ago. Then I unsubscribed. Now, going on holidays again, I would like to reactivate it (they told me by that time, that would be easy). Thus, I have an inactive account including all the information. However, no thumbs on the app. On the web I have been able to create a ticket, but the system showed me a failure notice, when I tried to send it. Being desperate, I even try to by new service including to rent equipment (which I am Hoping to cancel, once in touch with them). But also failure notice. Once I had the service, communication was ok. Any other suggestions how to reactivate the services? Any hints would be highly appreciated.

    • You should be able to log in to the website account dashboard. From there, a list of your Starlink’s is displayed, even if they are cancelled/inactive. Click Manage. Just reactivate service from there, it should give you a list of subscription options to choose from.

  4. I’d really like to buy the hardware for my wife for christmas because she wants it for when we go camping. In other words I don’t need the service yet. Is there a way to purchase the hardware without a service package or is there someone i can call to see about this?


    • You can purchase it from Starlink and immediately pause the billing (Roam plan). Or you could purchase from a 3rd party authorized retailer, such as Costco, Best Buy, or Home Depot. These 3rd party retailers sell the hardware without service, so they come inactive. Before you can use the hardware, you have to go through the activation process on the Starlink website. That might be a good option for you.

  5. Hello, do you know if there is a way to buy starlink kit after a rental time with no service interruption ?
    I would like to rent it for a few months and then buy the kit if it’s ok for me.

  6. I have had Starling for a year but recently my Starling app says the router doesn’t appear to be associated with my starling. I have done nothing new and everything is connected properly and up to date and I tried rebooting, hard reset, off and on, let it sit for a while off. Nothing is working and now ehen I try to contact Starling through a ticket, I type this issue and click submit and it says ” something went wrong on our end, please wait and try again” any ideas on a fix or am I going to have to find a way to contact starling?

  7. Hello, I got two Starlink kit from my neighbor. His aunt died and he didn’t know what to do with them. So since she has since past he has no idea the login information for the device to have them transfer. Is there a way to get in contact with Starlink to get these reset? If yes, what information would I need to show proof the original owner is no longer a live. I can get a death certificate if needed. Please let me know if this is possible.

    • You can try the email that is in the article, that’s really the only other way of possibly contacting Starlink about this issue. If the family has access to the phone # that was on the account, they could even try to reset the password and gain access via phone. If the aunt had the Starlink app, maybe it is still signed in, perhaps they could gain access to the account that way?

  8. I live in Orlando and all my streaming channels are associated with my local Orlando IP address. I want to move my Starlink to Grand Bahamas while I am working there but want to keep the same Orlando IP address in order to keep my in region streaming sport channels. Is that possible?

  9. Hello I have some queries
    If you buy Starlink in Germany and activate the package Roam galabal
    If I use Starlink in a different region and country what IP can Starlink provide me with is it Germany the same plug that I bought from or another country

  10. Do you have a idea of how long it takes for tickets to be at least acknowledged/processed ? Submitted mine 4 days ago and still nothing … My network being at risk (router disconnected, eventhough I can connect to the STARLINK Wifi, I can’t set or change the network password) I’m getting a bit stressed to be honest. Any help or hint or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
    THanks !!
    PS : I live in France.

      • Hello my name is Allen Kernohan I bought a starling and I tried to set it out I download the app and I try to set a new account and password and I ordered it and I bought it for $120 with my card and I never got an email saying that it was confirm on the payment to set up a new account for the starlink app so I was wondering there’s any way you guys can send me another email saying that so that way I can start a new account and your password

    • Je te souhaite bonne chance avec le support.
      Suite à une erreur de leur part ils ont supprimé mon compte et je n’ai plus accès aux parametres ni à mes factures.
      Comme toi, internet fonctionne mais rien de plus.
      Sans compte je ne peux pas faire de ticket alors, depuis juin 2023 j’écris régulièrement à l’adresse “starlinkresolutions”. Je n’ai jamais eu aucune réponse au 22 sept 2023 après une bonne dizaine de mails.

  11. I usually live in Europe (Germany), but will travel with my RV through Canada and USA for 6 months.

    The ‘Mobile Regional’ service only covers Europe (100€/month), for overseas I need the ‘Mobile Global’ service (230€/month).

    -> Can you switch between these services for the 6 months I need the global service?

    My plan is to order ‘Mobile Regional’ now, then upgrade to ‘Mobile Global’ next spring and go back to ‘Mobile Regional’ once we are back in Europe. Is this feasible?

    On the Starlink Support page I only found this for Residential Customers, but not for roaming.


  12. Hello, I am in Iran, I received a Kit Star link, the account is active, I don’t have the account details, how can I deactivate the previous account?

  13. My system is offline, I have no Internet at all, all connections are good, I have done all I know to do and followed all of the suggestions that were given to me from the Starlink App.

  14. Bonjour je fais la demande pour mon père car il a de la difficulté avec internet et il est loin de chez moi alors je ne peux vraiment l’aider surtout que je ne connais pas beaucoup Starlink.
    Lors de l’ouverture de son compte lui et sa conjointe ont fait une erreur lorsqu’ils ont entré l’adresse courriel. Se que je ne comprend pas c’est qu’il ont pu accéder à l’application Starlink sans aller approuver dans le Hotmail. Qui d’ailleurs n’étais pas le bon. Lors de leurs reconnection à l’application cela ne fonctionnais pas car pas la bonne adresse alors même s’ils font oublier le mot de passe cela ne fonctionne pas. Ils ont essayer plusieurs fois de faire changer cela par texto avec le numéro de téléphone mais aucun message n’est recu. Ils ont essayer au numéro de téléphone qu’il est inscrit sur internet mais il n’est pas fonctionnelle. Qu’est-ce qu’ils pourraient faire de plus ?

  15. Hi
    I am locked out from my account.
    It prevents me from using the support process. I have tried to use the reset password process by email , phone, alternate email however nothing!
    I have tried based on your article to send emails. I got an answer however I received one email but never the temporary password. I submitted the ticket multiple times explaining the issue but nothing.
    Today my credit card expired and I cannot login to my account to update it and impossible to resolve the password issue.

    I love the product, but today I am desperate and won’t be able to work from home starting October.

    Does anyone have an advise , a way to get someone on the phone or direct email ?

    Thank you for your help!

    • If you’ve tried contacting the email in the article, I don’t know of any other way. I recommend purchasing a new Roam plan and kit using a different email address. Use this account to contact Starlink with a support ticket. Hopefully they can sort everything out and you can just return the new Roam kit.

  16. Someone has charged to Starlink when I am NOT a customer. How can I contact them?! This is insanity. How can you run a business with no way to contact for fraud!


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