Starlink Launches Maritime Service Tier

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Starlink is making waves in the maritime internet industry with the launch of Starlink Maritime. Maritime joins Residential, RV, and Business as the fourth service tier on the continually expanding satellite internet service constellation.

If you are interested in having high speed, low latency internet while on the water, prepare to shell out some serious money for access. Starlink Maritime is aimed at the commercial and luxury maritime market. With a monthly service price of $5,000, it’s not meant for weekend trips to the lake.

In this article, we’ll cover the specs, price, and coverage of Starlink Maritime.

What is Starlink Maritime?

Starlink Maritime is a service tier designed to work at sea, anywhere in the world. Maritime is primarily aimed at commercial operations and high-end luxury applications.

Right now, the Starlink Maritime hardware kit includes two Business dishes that work in tandem to provide a reliable satellite connection. Starlink says a fixed, flat panel antenna is being developed. All Maritime orders will be upgraded to the fixed panel antenna free of charge when it is released Q4 2022.

What are the specs?

Maritime offers impressive speeds, unmatched by any other competitor. Starlink Maritime is truly a game changer when it comes to high speed internet access at sea. Here are the specs:

Download Speed: 100-350 mbps

Upload Speed: 20-40 mbps

Latency: <99 ms

Data Caps: No

Where is Maritime service available?

Starlink is continually expanding the service area globally. You can check the latest coverage by checking out the Starlink Maritime coverage map. Right now, coverage is limited to the coastal areas of the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Maritime coverage is mainly dependent on regulatory approval. Starlink is working to expand the areas in which they are approved to operate. Check the coverage map linked above for the latest information.

How much does Starlink Maritime cost?

Like I said earlier, Maritime is not intended for normal consumers. It is aimed for commercial and luxury applications.

Starlink Maritime customers will pay a $10,000 one-time equipment fee, and then $5,000 per month for service.

Service can be paused and un-paused for seasonal use, just like with Starlink RV.

How is Starlink Maritime mounted?

The hardware kit comes with two of the high performance Business dishes. They can be installed temporarily, on an as-needed basis with the included stands. The hardware kit also comes with Starlink Pipe Adapter’s, allowing you to permanently install to existing masts.

How to order

Like Starlink RV, there is no waitlist. Simply visit and enter your shipping address to start your order.

Final thoughts

Internet access at sea is forever changed with the launch of Starlink Maritime. Comparable services offer 1/10 the speed at similar costs. With Starlink, you gain access to a global satellite network that offers high speed and low latency.

As coverage expands, Starlink Maritime will be even more useful. I am also looking forward to seeing the new fixed antenna unit that is scheduled for release later this year. That technology will give us a view into the future of Starlink mobile applications, including for vehicles, airplanes, and more.

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