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Starlink has been offering satellite internet service since late 2020, but their RV service was just launched in May of 2022. Many customers ordered the Residential kit to use on their RV before the RV-specific service was available.

If you only need to use your Starlink kit for recreational or travel purposes, it might make sense to convert the account type from Residential to RV, now that RV has been launched. The RV service tier has several advantages over Residential for travelers.

In this guide, I will explain the process of converting a Residential Starlink account to RV. I will also answer some of the most common questions, such as being able to switch back, extra costs, and the advantages/disadvantages of RV.

Step 1: Log in to your account dashboard

To convert your Starlink account type to RV, you’ll need to visit the Starlink website. In the menu, select Sign In. Enter your Starlink credentials. If successful, you’ll be redirected to your account dashboard.

If you are already signed in, click on My Account from the website menu to proceed to the account dashboard.

Step 2: Click the Manage button on the account

On your Starlink account dashboard, find the Manage button next to the Residential service that you would like to convert. This allows you to manage account settings such as service address, account type, add ons, etc.

Step 3: Click the edit icon for Service Type

Click on the edit icon next to the Service Type. This is the setting that allows you to change from Residential to RV.

Step 4: Confirm the change to RV

When prompted, check the box to acknowledge your understanding that RV cannot switch back to Residential. Once checked, the Change To RV button becomes active. Click it to finalize the conversion process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of converting Starlink Residential to Starlink RV is fairly simple, but I’ve compiled some of the common questions below. If you have further questions or concerns, please comment below or contact us.

Can I ever switch back to Residential if I convert to RV?

No, you cannot switch back to Residential once you have converted your account type to RV. Accounts that were originally opened as RV cannot be converted either.

How much will it cost to convert to RV?

The Starlink RV service uses the same hardware as Residential, but the monthly service price is higher. RV costs $135/month vs $110/month for Residential. When you convert to RV, you’ll start paying an extra $25/month for RV.

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Can you sell/transfer an RV account?

No, RV hardware and accounts cannot be sold or transferred.

What are the main benefits of RV?

The main benefit of RV is that you can pause the service at any time. If you only use Starlink seasonally with your RV, this allows you to save money by not paying the monthly bill during the off-season. Residential service cannot be paused.

The other benefit of RV is the ability to travel and use it anywhere with active Starlink coverage. Residential service can only be used at a fixed location.

More details: Starlink RV Launched

Can I just add the Portability service instead of converting to RV?

Yes, you can add the Portability feature to any Residential account to enable the ability to travel with Starlink. However, the main disadvantage of Residential accounts still applies – you can’t pause the service.

If you split the usage of your Starlink dish between your home and RV, and never need to pause service, I recommend just adding Portability to your Residential account.

If you only use Starlink for your RV, van, or for other recreational activities, RV is better because it can be paused.

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Colin Woods
Colin Woods
12 days ago

is their a limit to the number of times you can pause and restart. E.g. turn on very second month.

19 days ago

While it can be paused the otuer big difference is RV will give slower tier service than residential residential/ portability option when network is congested.