Can You Cancel Starlink Internet Anytime?

One of the advantages Starlink has over other satellite internet providers is that Starlink doesn’t come with any contracts or commitments. With other satellite internet providers, you may be locked into a multi-year contract. If the service doesn’t live up to your expectations, you may actually have to pay money to cancel!

That isn’t the case with Starlink. In this article, I will explain how their billing works, cover the refund policy, and also go over which Starlink plans can be temporarily paused.

I will also go over some of the other options you have instead of canceling Starlink. Did you know you can sell and transfer your service to someone else? If you are looking to cancel or pause your subscription, make sure you read through this article first.

Can you cancel Starlink anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Starlink internet account at any time, without paying any fees or early termination charges. Starlink doesn’t have any contracts, so you are free to cancel whenever you want.

Starlink calculates your bill in monthly cycles, depending on when you first purchased service. If you don’t cancel before the next billing cycle starts, you may have to pay another month before your service ends.

Service cannot be prorated. In other words, service is paid for in full monthly increments. If you cancel in the middle of a month, you’ll continue to have service until that billing period ends. You won’t be refunded for half the month.

Can you cancel Starlink and then restart?

If you decide to cancel your Starlink subscription, you’ll lose your spot in line. If you ever decide to sign back up for service, you’ll likely be put back on the waitlist depending on the demand in your area. I don’t recommend canceling Starlink unless you know you won’t use it again.

If you think you’ll need to start and stop your Starlink service frequently, you may want Starlink Roam instead. Roam can be paused at any time. For seasonal users, such as those with cabins or RV’s, it would be ideal.

How to cancel Starlink

  1. Log in to your account portal at
  2. Click Manage on the Starlink plan you want to cancel
  3. Click Cancel Service from the menu

Can you pause Starlink service?

Starlink Residential service cannot be paused, however, Roam and Best Effort service can be paused. If you have either of these plans, you can pause service in monthly increments. Billing periods cannot be prorated. If you pause in the middle of the month, you’ll pay for the entire month.

How to pause Roam/Best Effort

  1. Log in to your account portal at
  2. Click Manage on your Starlink plan
  3. Click Pause Service from the menu

Can Starlink be seasonal?

If you are interested in using Starlink seasonally, I recommend purchasing Starlink Roam. Roam service can be paused at anytime, allowing you to only pay for service during the season when you actually need to use it. Starlink Residential cannot be paused or used seasonally.

Is there a contract with Starlink?

No, Starlink doesn’t require customers to sign a contract. There is no commitment, and customers can cancel anytime.

Can you get a refund for Starlink?

Yes, you can return your Starlink kit for a full refund of the equipment costs within 30 days. The monthly service fee cannot be refunded, and starts 15 days after your Starlink dish ships.

Can I transfer my Starlink to someone else?

Yes, you can sell or transfer Starlink to someone else. We have a full guide on how to transfer Starlink if you are interested in selling or giving your Starlink dish away. If you are interested in buying a Starlink dish, the guide linked above also contains instructions on how to get service transferred to your name.

Is Starlink month to month?

Yes, the Starlink subscription is month to month. Billing cannot be prorated, meaning monthly service is paid for in full monthly increments. You can’t pay for a half of a month, or get a refund if you cancel Starlink halfway through a billing cycle.

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  1. I live in Montana for six months, then Arizona for 6 months. Can I take starlink dish back and forth between both residences on a residential plan? Or would I have to commit to the roam contract?

  2. Can I use a residential starlink account in Montana for 6 months,Then bring the disk to Arizona for 6 months when I move to my winter house? I would return back to Montana again, etc. Or would I have to sign up for Roam contract?


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