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Starlink’s New $140 Business Plan Changes Everything

Starlink’s new Business plan tier might just make the Residential waitlist a thing of the past. Before now, the best option for people who couldn’t sign up for Residential was Starlink Roam. Although it is intended for RV’s and other portable applications, Roam uses the same hardware, and has immediate availability anywhere in the US. People in low capacity areas would just get Roam to use while they waited on their chance to get Residential. Roam downsides There are two main downsides to Roam. First, it is more expensive than the Residential plan. Roam costs $/month, while Residential is $/month. …

4x Faster Wi-Fi Speed? Hands-On With The New Starlink Gen 3 Router

The next generation Starlink hardware is right around the corner. Starlink recently got FCC approval for two new dishes, and they are also giving some customers a chance to try out the new Gen 3 router. It’s backwards compatible with previous Starlink generations, so I bought one to test out. Learn all the features and specs of the new Starlink … continue reading

Starlink Rental Guide – How To Rent a Starlink Near You

Starlink is now the biggest satellite internet provider, with more than 1.5 million customers worldwide. Their network offers global coverage, providing high speed, low latency internet virtually anywhere in the world. Many of Starlink’s customers are on the Mobile plan, which allows them to travel with the dish and use Starlink anywhere. The Mobile service, also known as Roam, is … continue reading

ISEKIE Starlink Router Wall Mount Review

I originally installed my Starlink router next to an exterior wall, where the Starlink cable comes in. There weren’t any shelves or tables nearby to put the router on, so I just left it on the floor. I planned to secure it to the wall somehow, but back then, there weren’t any products made specifically for the Starlink router. I … continue reading

Starlink Pipe Adapter – Installation And Review

The Starlink Pipe Adapter is an official accessory from Starlink that allows you to attach your dish to any pole, mast, or J-mount. It’s a simple piece of hardware that gives you a lot of flexibility in where you can mount your Starlink dish. I get this question a lot: “Can I reuse my old satellite dish mount?” With the … continue reading

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Global Starlink Outage Leaves Customers Scrambling For Answers

On Tuesday evening, Starlink suffered a global outage, leaving customers scrambling to figure out what was happening. About an hour after the problem surfaced, customers started seeing their connections come back online. As of late Tuesday evening, the outage appears to be fixed. Starlink confirmed the issue on Twitter: During the outage, many customers took to social media to vent … continue reading

Starlink Alternatives – Who Can Compete With SpaceX?

With nearly 2 million customers around the world, Starlink is the largest satellite internet provider. The huge demand for rural broadband in the US and other areas of the world has fueled Starlink’s incredible growth in the last several years. Starlink’s success hasn’t come without problems. Although Starlink has changed the world by providing high speed, low latency internet to … continue reading

Standard vs High Performance – Which Starlink Is Right For You?

Starlink currently offers customers two hardware options to choose from: Standard or High Performance. The Standard equipment is suitable for most applications, including home internet. The High Performance hardware option is mainly aimed at professionals and customers living in harsh climates. If you are trying to pick between the two options, it can be overwhelming. This guide is meant to … continue reading

Starlink Exploit Allows Customers To Skip The Waitlist, Get Discounted Pricing

It is close to the end of 2023, and Starlink has been offering satellite internet service for nearly 3 years now. Despite continued satellite launches and capacity improvements, much of the US is still waitlisted. Starlink doesn’t have the network resources to satisfy demand, especially for people living in the midwest and eastern US. Some people, having put down their … continue reading

Starlink Travel Case Review + Alternatives

The popularity of Starlink Roam has soared among RV owners, van dwellers, and other kinds of travelers. Having access to high speed internet is an important part of our daily lives in . With Starlink, that’s now possible almost anywhere in the world. If you are taking Starlink with you, it is important to keep the hardware protected. That’s where … continue reading

Checking Your Starlink Order Status

So you’ve placed a Starlink order, but now what? You are probably excited to finally get high speed internet. Or maybe you ordered a mounting accessory to get rid of those annoying obstructions. In any case, you can check the status of your order in a few easy steps. In this article, I will walk you through the process of … continue reading
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