Starlink Gen 3 Router Mount

Gen 3 Router And Power Supply Mounts Added To The Shop

Starlink updated their online shop to include two new Gen 3 accessories, the Gen 3 Router Mount and Gen 3 Power Supply Mount. Both new products are installation accessories, designed to give you more flexibility … read more
Wireless point-to-point connection for Starlink

Guide: Extending Starlink Wifi Between Buildings

Starlink is incredibly popular in rural areas, allowing people to finally get connected with high speed broadband internet. Rural properties often have multiple structures, like garages, shops, and barns. It’s important to stay connected these … read more
Starlink availability map for New Zealand

New “Deprioritized Standard” Plan Is 50% Cheaper In Exchange For Slower Speeds

In many areas of the world, the demand for Starlink service is low, relative to places like the US and Canada. In response, Starlink offers unique incentives and discounts for select markets. These price adjustments … read more
Direct-to-cell infographic

No Dish Required? SpaceX Uses Starlink Direct-To-Cell To Post Update On X

A 13 word X post will go down in history as the first social media post made using Starlink’s Direct-to-Cell technology. Direct-to-Cell uses existing LTE phone hardware to communicate directly with Starlink satellites, eliminating the … read more
Starlink Gen 3 Standard Kit

Setting Up The Starlink Standard Kit

Starlink satellite internet is a game changer for people in rural areas who don’t have access to high speed broadband services. It’s also great for digital nomads, RV travelers, and other people who like to … read more

SpaceX To De-Orbit Early Starlink Satellites Due To Increased Failure Risk

SpaceX announced that it plans to de-orbit approximately 100 early V1 Starlink satellites in the coming weeks. According to a Starlink press release, this controlled destruction of satellites is necessary to ensure responsible stewardship of … read more
Add user contact information

You Can Now Add Additional Users To Your Starlink Account

Starlink has updated their account system to support multiple users. This new feature, previously reserved for enterprise customers, is now available for consumer accounts. Customers will now be able to add additional contacts to their … read more
Starlink Gen 3 accessory boxes

Gen 3 Accessory Guide

Starlink has been offering satellite internet service for several years now. In that time, they’ve had three major hardware iterations. The latest Starlink dish, the Gen 3 “Standard”, is much different from previous versions. Many … read more

Starlink Is Retiring Another Gen 2 Dish

Starlink customers in the United States now have one less dish model to choose from. The 2nd generation “Standard Actuated” dish is no longer an option for any service plan. The change from Gen 2 … read more

Best Buy Is Now Selling The Starlink Gen 3 Standard Kit

Starlink has several retail partners, like Best Buy and Costco, that sell Starlink hardware kits online and in store. Until today, Best Buy was not offering the latest generation “Standard” model. Only the 2nd generation … read more

The Starlink Obstruction Map Now Updates In Real Time, Shows Satellite Paths

Starlink has updated the obstruction tool in the app to display real time information and satellite paths. Previously, the obstruction tool needed about 12 hours of data collection, before obstruction information could be displayed. Now, … read more

Here’s How I Set Up Starlink In My Tesla

If you like to take road trips like I do, you’ve probably been in many situations where cell service isn’t available, sometimes for hours. In remote areas of the United States, even if you have … read more

Easy Aftermarket Cable Extension For Starlink Gen 3

The Starlink Standard kit includes a 50 ft. shielded Ethernet cable, which carries power and data from the router to the dish. For permanent home installations, the Starlink cable is usually routed through an exterior … read more
Starlink Gen 3 aiming

Tutorial: Starlink Alignment Tool

The Starlink Gen 3 Standard dish needs to be manually pointed in the right direction. It’s best to perform the alignment during the initial setup process. Proper alignment is crucial for getting the best performance … read more

Gamers Aren’t Happy About Starlink’s Performance – Elon Musk Vows To Focus On Gaming Improvements

Starlink is providing high speed internet to millions of customers that previously didn’t have any other options. A lot of these customers are gamers, eager to finally be able to download large games, stream on … read more