How To Fix The Starlink Disconnected Error

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The “Starlink Disconnected” error message is the most common issue that people have when first setting up their dish. It also occurs frequently for people who have recently moved or adjusted the dish.

If you are getting the dreaded “Disconnected” error when trying to set up your Starlink system, this article is designed to help. There is a quick video on one of the most common solutions below. I also suggest you read over the rest of the article to learn about some other causes and solutions.

What causes the “Starlink Disconnected” error?

The most common cause of the error is a loose or disconnected cable. Most commonly, this occurs on the Starlink dish side of the system. A damaged cable or dish can also cause the error.

When the app is saying “Starlink Disconnected”, it means that there is no communication between the router and the dish.

Most people have the newer rectangular dish. If you have the older circular dish, you can still get this error message. The connectors on the round dish are different, and not as prone to being loose or unplugged. But a bad cable, dish, or power supply can cause this message.

How to fix it

The first thing to check is the Starlink cable connections on both ends. There is a connector that plugs into the dish mast. There is also a connector on the router.

The connector on the dish is the most common source of issues. You’ll want to ensure that the connector is fully seated up into the mast, and isn’t dirty or damaged. The cable should be flush, as shown in the video above, and in this picture:

If the cable isn’t completely flush with the mast, you’ll need to reseat it. Don’t force it, or you could damage the connector. I’ve found that trying to apply different angles to the connector helps to seat it properly. Once the plug is aligned, it should connect into place easily. Again, don’t force it!

Another tip: Take a small piece of paper and fold it 2 or 3 times. Slide it in underneath the connector. The paper helps to prop up the connector a bit as it slides into place. This can help properly align the connector.

Also check the cable connection on the router. Unplug the connector completely and check for damage. Then reinsert. It should seat solidly into place, without any wiggle or gaps between the connector housing and the router.

Additional troubleshooting steps

If you’ve checked the cable and connectors and the “Starlink Disconnected” error persists, try to power cycle the system. Do this by unplugging the router. Leave it for several minutes, and then plug it back in.

Another thing to check – does the dish stay in the stowed position (vertical) or does it move and point up towards the sky? Upon powering up, the dish should point up to find satellites. If your dish never moves, it isn’t receiving power/data or is defective.

Contact support

Still getting the error? Don’t worry! Your dish is most likely under warranty. Starlink will help you obtain a new cable, router, or dish depending on what they find.

To contact Starlink, you’ll need to log in to your account on the website or app, and find the Support section in the menu. From there, you can create an online support ticket requesting help by clicking the thumbs down icon on the help section most relevant to your issue.

To see more about how to contact Starlink, check out our how to guide.


If you are getting the “Starlink Disconnected” error, you’ll want to check the cable and cable connections on both ends. The connection on the dish is the most common cause of this error.

If the cable looks good, it could be a faulty dish or router. At this point, you’ll want to contact Starlink to request help, as this issue should be covered by your warranty.

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