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Having an issue with your Starlink system? This section contains helpful troubleshooting guides for the most common Starlink issues.

Here’s Why You See A Blank Line In Your Starlink Obstruction Map

Line missing from the Starlink obstruction map

Starlink is satellite internet, using a dish on the ground to communicate with a constellation of thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth. With Starlink, you need a clear view of the sky to get reliable service. If there are trees or buildings blocking the view of the dish, you can experience interruptions. Starlink refers to these objects as obstructions. The Starlink app is your command center. You’ll find the status of your dish and router, as well as several different settings and options. One of the tools in the app is the obstruction map. The obstruction map allows you to …

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How To Fix The Starlink Motors Stuck Error

Starlink dishes have electric motors inside that allow them to self-align to the Starlink satellites. When you first power on the unit, the dish will point straight up to find a signal, and then it will move into an optimal position a few minutes later. The “Starlink Motors Stuck” error pops up on the Starlink app when the motors in your dish are unable to aim or move. When the motors aren’t working, you can expect performance problems or even service interruptions. In some cases, your dish won’t be able to connect at all. If you are getting the motors …

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Starlink Troubleshooting Guide

Starlink satellite internet is amazing technology when it works. Unfortunately, electronics can break, glitch, or simply behave in odd ways. If you are reading this right now, you are probably experiencing one of those occasions, where Starlink just isn’t working. Does your Starlink app currently look something like this? Don’t worry! I created this troubleshooting guide to walk you through the steps needed to try to fix the dreaded Offline, Searching, or Booting alert messages in the Starlink app. I’ll explain what causes the errors, and offer several methods to fix them. Starlink App If you haven’t already, be sure …

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3 Ways To Reboot Your Starlink Internet

If you need to reboot your Starlink internet, there are a few different ways that I recommend. You can reboot the system from the app, power cycle the router, or reseat the Starlink cable. The most common reason to reboot Starlink is to troubleshoot internet issues. If the app is giving you the ‘Disconnected’ error, rebooting is a good first step. In this article, I’m going to show you how to reboot your Starlink system. I’ll start with the easy, recommended method. Then I will move on to some additional ways to restart the system. You can decide which reboot …

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Starlink Warranty And Claim Process Explained

It’s , so many Starlink customers have been using their hardware for years at this point. Although the hardware seems to hold up pretty well (I’ve had my original round dish since early 2021), issues happen. Whether you are an existing customer or just interested in getting Starlink, it’s important to understand the equipment warranty and claim process. In this guide, I will explain the warranty period for the various Starlink models. I will also give examples of what the warranty does and does not cover. Finally, I’ll show you how to file a claim with Starlink. Starlink equipment warranty …

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Starlink Obstructions, How Much Is Too Much?

Starlink satellite internet requires a clear view of the sky to get the best performance and reliability. The phased array antenna in the Starlink dish actively tracks and communicates with satellites that are orbiting overhead. Unlike geosynchronous satellites, Starlink satellites move quickly across the sky. Anything blocking Starlink’s wide field of view can cause interruptions and performance issues. When it comes to obstructions, how much is too much? Can Starlink still be used with obstructions? In this article, I will seek to answer these questions, and help you understand obstructions a bit better. I will go over exactly what obstructions …

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How Long Does It Take For Starlink To Boot Up?

The setup process for Starlink is relatively simple. You just plug in all the cables, give the dish a clear view of the sky, and wait for it to connect. But one of the questions I frequently get from readers is how long it takes to boot up. It makes sense, a lot of people are traveling with their Roam dish, or are dealing with power outages. They might be wanting to know how long they will have to wait until their internet connection is restored. In this article, I’m going to explain the boot up process and times for …

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How To Stow Starlink

The Starlink ‘stow’ feature allows you to move the dish back to its default orientation. You might need to stow the dish to send it back to Starlink, for troubleshooting, or to move it to a different installation location. In any case, you will probably encounter a situation where the feature comes in handy at some point. There are three methods that you can use to stow a Starlink dish. You can do it using the app, but there are also a couple of manual methods that require a more hands-on approach. You can even stow the dish if it …

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How To Factory Reset The Starlink Router

Doing a factory reset of the Starlink router is useful in many situations. Maybe you are troubleshooting a network issue, or perhaps you simply forgot the Wifi password. In any case, performing a factory reset is an easy process, no matter which generation Starlink router you have. In this article, I will explain how to factory reset a Starlink router, walking you through it step by step. If you don’t need to do a factory reset, and just need to reboot/restart your system, check out our guide on how to reboot Starlink. Which Starlink router do you have? There are …

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