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Starlink Gen 3 Ridgeline Mount Review

Gen 3 Ridgeline Mount Completed

Starlink has been offering the Ridgeline Mount since the early days of the service, starting with the version for the original Gen 1 circular dish. Shortly after Gen 2 came out, they released an updated version for the new hardware. Now that Gen 3 is here, Starlink has updated the popular Ridgeline Mount again. In this post, I will be going over all the details of the Gen 3 Ridgeline Mount. I’ll let you know what this mount is for, what comes in the kit, and how to install it. I will also give you my thoughts and impressions along …

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Starlink Is Now Offering Professional Installation Services

The setup process for Starlink is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is get everything out of the box, plug it in, find a clear view of the sky, and then connect to the Wifi. Now, Starlink is making it even easier. Starting initially in Ohio, Starlink will offer expert installation service for the Standard hardware on residential homes. I first saw the news while browsing a Starlink forum, and had to check it out for myself. If you browse the support section of the Starlink website, you will find an article about their expert installation service. From what …

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Starlink Dish Web Portal Is No Longer Working

If you’re one of the few people managing your Starlink system with the dish web portal, I have some bad news… Starlink has apparently turned off access to the built-in management portal hosted by all Starlink dishes. Despite the unfortunate date I am publishing this article, this is no April Fool’s day prank. Most Starlink customers use the iOS or Android app to install and manage their system. But since the beginning of Starlink, the dish had its own web management portal, accessible from any web browser connected to the Starlink network. The web portal could be accessed by browsing …

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A Firmware Update Is Causing Issues For Gen 1 Users

Starlink Gen 1 dish

Starlink released several dish firmware updates last week, with some Gen 1 users now saying their system isn’t working properly. I started noticing social media reports last week, and they continued to flood in through the weekend. As of Monday morning, the issues has not been resolved. Here are a few social media posts about the issue: “I have the gen 1 starlink. I haven’t had a single issue using my Nighhawk router with it well over a year with it now. The other day it said connect without internet? It was a pretty cold day but nothing out of …

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Gen 3 Ridgeline Mount Unveiled, Sort Of…

Starlink Gen 3 Ridgeline Mount

I was both excited and confused when I found a brand new Gen 3 accessory listed in the Starlink shop. Last month, we got the Gen 3 router and power supply wall mounts. Now, we get the latest version of the popular Ridgeline Mount, sort of… I’ll explain the last part in a bit, but first, let’s talk about the Ridgeline Mount and why it’s so great. The Gen 3 version is the same price as the others, $250. That price includes shipping, with the mount and the ballasts shipping in separate packages. Starlink has launched a Ridgeline Mount for …

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Starlink’s Secret $90 Service Plan Has A Major Loophole

In this video post, I talk about Starlink’s hidden service plan that is mentioned nowhere on their website. The “Standard – Discounted” plan is supposed to be only available for select rural addresses in the United States. But a huge loophole in the Starlink account management system allows…

Obstruction Data Is Now Saved In The App

Starlink obstruction tool

The obstruction data in the Starlink app no longer clears with each reboot. This change happened with a recent software update. The obstruction map can be manually reset if needed, and still updates with new information over time. In this article, I’ll explain the new obstruction map behavior and tell you how to reset the data. I will also talk about what Starlink is doing behind the scenes to improve performance for customers with obstructions. Starlink obstruction map If you aren’t already familiar, the Starlink obstruction map is a graphical representation of your dishes view of the sky. The map …

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Gen 3 Mesh Router Now Available In The Shop

Starlink Gen 3 Router

Months after Starlink first launched the Gen 3 dish, customers are finally able to buy additional routers to expand their Wifi coverage. The Gen 3 Mesh Router recently popped up in the Starlink shop. For now, it’s only available in the US, but should expand to other countries as the Gen 3 rollout continues. In this post, I’ll dive into the features of the Gen 3 Mesh Router, explaining the upgrades over the previous version. I will also talk about two surprising developments that I learned with this accessory release. Finally, I’ll compare Starlink’s mesh system to 3rd party alternatives, …

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Starlink Gen 3 Availability Expands To Australia

Starlink availability map for Australia

Out with the old, in with the new. Starting today, another major Starlink market gets access to the next generation hardware. Starlink officially launched the 3rd generation “Starlink Standard” hardware kit in Australia, making it only the second country to have access to the new dish. Starlink originally released the Gen 3 Standard dish in the US back in December 2023. Initially, they offered customers a choice between the Gen 2 Standard Actuated hardware, and the new Gen 3 Standard dish. Several weeks after the initial launch, Starlink stopped offering the Standard Actuated model, and it’s no longer available in …

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Here’s Why You See A Blank Line In Your Starlink Obstruction Map

Line missing from the Starlink obstruction map

Starlink is satellite internet, using a dish on the ground to communicate with a constellation of thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth. With Starlink, you need a clear view of the sky to get reliable service. If there are trees or buildings blocking the view of the dish, you can experience interruptions. Starlink refers to these objects as obstructions. The Starlink app is your command center. You’ll find the status of your dish and router, as well as several different settings and options. One of the tools in the app is the obstruction map. The obstruction map allows you to …

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