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The Starlink hardware kit comes with a temporary mount, 50′ Starlink cable, and Wifi router. This is all the hardware you need to get started, but Starlink accessories allow for permanent installation, increased home Wifi coverage, and more

There are different options for many of the accessories that you might want for your Starlink system. For example, mounts can be sourced from 3rd party stores like Amazon, in addition to the official Starlink store. 

In this article, I will list all the popular Starlink accessories, as well as aftermarket alternatives to consider. I will also explain the ordering process for the Starlink store, and why you may not be able to purchase anything yet. Finally, I will explain the difference in accessories between all the different Starlink hardware versions.

Starlink Accessories – Official vs Aftermarket

You can order accessories from aftermarket sources, like Amazon, or from the official Starlink store. Starlink manufactures the dish and Wifi router, but they also make their own mounting and network accessories. 

Note: You need to be a Starlink customer to view the accessory shop linked above

Which option you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including price, availability, and features. For example, you may opt to purchase an aftermarket mounting system for a more complicated installation. Or you may prefer the Starlink mesh system over an aftermarket mesh product for ease-of-use.

Note: This article may contain affiliate links for the products mentioned

Mounting Accessories

The most common Starlink accessory that people buy are mounts. The base that is included in the Starlink kit isn’t suitable for a permanent installation in most cases. If you plan to install your dish on your roof, wall, or other angled surface, you’ll need a mount accessory that swivels to get the dish mast near vertical. 

Wall Mounts

Starlink Short Wall Mount
Starlink Long Wall Mount

Starlink offers a Short Wall Mount and Long Wall Mount, designed for exterior walls. The Short Wall Mount is suitable for mounting to a roof fascia, while the Long Wall Mount is perfect for securing to an exterior wall.

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Winegard DS2000A Universal 22-inch Mount for Off-Air TV Antennas,Grey


Winegard DS3000A Universal 38-inch Mount for Off-Air TV Antennas


A great aftermarket alternative for the wall mounts above is a J mount. J mounts have been used for satellite and TV antenna installations for years, so they are readily available and cheap. The Winegard DS2000A is my favorite because it includes two U-bolts to secure the Starlink mast into the J mount. The DS2000A would be great for fascia installations, and is equivelent to the Starlink Short Wall Mount. If you need some additional clearance and height, consider the Winegard DS3000A which has a longer 38 in. mast.

If you go with the DS3000A, be sure to pick up the Universal Antenna Mount Adapter to easily adapt the Starlink mast to the J mount.

Roof Mounts

Starlink Pivot Mount
Starlink Flashing Mount + Pivot Mount

The Flashing Mount and Pivot Mount are two official Starlink mounting accessories for roof installations. It should be noted that the Flashing Mount is just the base that secures to the roof under your shingles for added water resistance. It requires a Pivot Mount.

Winegard DS2000A Universal 22-inch Mount for Off-Air TV Antennas,Grey


Commdeck Satellite Dish Mounting System


Aftermarket roof mounting accessories are also readily available. A J mount is equivalent to the Starlink Pivot Mount in terms of features. Like I mentioned earlier, I recommend the Winegard DS2000A.

If you would like a flashing mount, you can pair DS2000A with something like the Commdeck Satellite Dish Mounting System, both pictured above.

Other Mounting Accessories

Starlink Pipe Adapter
Starlink Cable Routing Kit

There are many ways to mount a Starlink dish, so Starlink offers a Pipe Adapter to allow for more complicated or custom installations. The Pipe Adapter adapts the Starlink dish to any kind of mast, up to 2.5″.

If you are routing the Starlink cable through an exterior wall, consider picking up the Cable Routing Kit. It contains almost everything you need to properly route the cable through a wall, including drill bit, grommets, and more.

Check out our Guide to Starlink Mounting Options for more mounting accessories. 

Network Accessories

Most homes will require more Wifi coverage than a single Wifi router can provide. When you order the Starlink kit, you get a very capable Wifi router, but a lot of customers will need to expand their system to provide better Wifi coverage and reliability. You might also want to connect directly to the router via ethernet. That’s where Starlink network accessories come in. 

Starlink Ethernet Adapter

Starlink Ethernet Adapter

The most common network accessory that people will want for Starlink is the Ethernet Adapter. This official Starlink accessory is a proprietary design, meaning you can only get it from Starlink, no aftermarket versions exist. The cost when ordered directly from Starlink is $25.

The Ethernet Adapter is applicable to the newer rectangular Starlink systems. The older round dish came with a Wifi router that featured an ethernet port. To cut costs and limit hardware delays due to supply chain issues, Starlink eliminated the ethernet port on newer Starlink routers. Customers wanting to connect with ethernet will need the adapter from the Starlink store. 

For more info, check out our Starlink Ethernet Adapter Setup And Review article.

Starlink Mesh Nodes

TP-Link Deco AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Mesh System(Deco XE75) - Covers up to 5500 Sq.Ft, Replaces WiFi Router and Extender, AI-Driven Mesh, New 6GHz Band, 2-Pack


Starlink Mesh Node

If you need to expand your Wifi signal to more areas of your house, you’ll want to set up a mesh network. You can use aftermarket mesh products, but Starlink also has an official version of their own that is compatible with the current rectangular dish. This official Starlink mesh system will compete with existing aftermarket mesh network options to provide better Wifi coverage throughout your home. 

Aftermarket mesh systems are ideal for their cheaper price, better features, and better compatibility with the original round dish. We recommend checking out something like the TP-Link Deco AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Mesh System, pictured above, if you want a better performing alternative to the Starlink option.

These 3rd party mesh Wifi systems give you advanced controls compared to the Starlink mesh system, such as parental controls, security features, guest Wifi controls, and more.

Be sure to check out our full article on Starlink and 3rd party mesh Wifi systems.

Starlink Extension/Replacement Cable

Starlink 150ft Replacement Cable

You can extend the distance between your Starlink dish and router with a Starlink replacement cable. Starlink offers replacement cables in a 75ft length, or in an extended 150ft length.

The extension/replacement cables are only available from Starlink. The cables use a proprietary connector, so aftermarket cables are not an option.

It is not possible to combine cables together to extend the length. For example, you can’t combine two 75′ cables to form a 150′ cable.

Starlink Mobile Cases

Pelican 1610 Case With Foam (Black), Model:1610-020-110


With the launch of the Starlink Mobile (aka Roam/RV) service, many people are taking Starlink on-the-go. It’s important that you protect your Starlink hardware, so protective cases are a must for RV’ers, van dwellers, and overlanders. One popular option is the Pelican 1610 Case, pictured above.

Starlink Travel Case

Starlink has their own case, called the Starlink Travel Case. It’s a bit cheaper than some of the aftermarket cases, and is specifically designed for Starlink.

Where Can I Order Accessories?

Official Starlink accessories are only sold through the online Starlink shop. If you are interested in buying accessories from Starlink, you’ll need an active account. More on that in the next section.

For aftermarket accessories, multiple retailers carry the mounts and other products you may need for your system. We recommend searching for the specific product in your favorite search engine, and then selecting the best price from a reputable retailer. 

How Do I Order Official Starlink Accessories?

In this section, we will explain how the ordering process works for official Starlink accessories. One of the most common questions we get involves people trying to order their mounts or ethernet adapter, and not being able to access the Starlink shop. 

Pre-Order Deposits

If you put down the $99 deposit to be put on the Starlink waiting list, you will not be able to order official accessories from the Starlink shop. Once your order is converted to a full order, your account will activate and you will be able to access the online shop to purchase accessories. 

Full Orders

Customers that are eligible for the full Starlink kit order will have access to the Starlink shop. You can purchase mounts and other accessories during or after your initial hardware kit purchase. 

Current customers can always return to the Starlink shop at any time and purchase additional accessories.

Ordering Accessories For Different Starlink Versions

Some of the accessories for one hardware version won’t be compatible with a different hardware version. For example, the Starlink cable for the Standard dish is not compatible with the High Performance dish.

If you just have one Starlink, you’ll be directed to the right accessory page when you visit the shop.

You can view the accessories for each version of dish by going to the Starlink shop dish selection page. Make sure to select your dish to view the accessories that are compatible. 

Final Thoughts

There are many options to choose from when shopping for Starlink accessories. For some things, like the Starlink Ethernet Adapter, you will need to buy from the Starlink shop. For other options, such as mounts or mesh Wifi systems, Amazon and other retailers have plenty of options to choose from. 

We advise people to check out all their options and choose according to your own needs. 

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79 thoughts on “How To Buy Starlink Accessories”

  1. Just curious, how much is the aforementioned 150 ft cable from the official shop? I can’t access the shop since I’m still waiting on the dish, and would like to know ahead of time.

  2. I’ve just purchased a residential Starlink kit from Costco which comes with 2 months internet subscription free. I need to purchase some accessories before installing! How do I do this? Thank you

    • You will have to start service and create an account with Starlink before you can order accessories. If you get 2 months free, I’m sure there were additional instructions attached from Costco that explain how to create your Starlink account and claim the 2 months free.

    • With most roofs, there is structural wood right behind the fascia. It’s best to use the lag screws to secure to something structural, but you will have to verify by checking your roof design.

  3. The angled Starlink cable is too wide to fit into the tubes from our roof top to inside the house.
    So I need a straight cable. I don’t find it in the shop.

    • Not sure if you know that the cable on dish side can be removed by squeezing and then pulling the cable out from the dish. This cable folds instinanstrsight line and is much smaller than the big angled plug-in that goes to the router.

  4. Is 150’ the maximum length for a Starlink dish to router cable? My house is in the woods and I’d put my dish on my boathouse roof…210’ away.

    • Yes, 150ft is the max length. I recommend a remote install if there is power available. Then you can run CAT6 cable or use a wireless Ethernet bridge to get the signal to the house. Aftermarket Wi-Fi access points would be required at the house.

  5. Hi,

    I would like with my first residential star link order to add accessories (ethernet adapter and a different mount). How is this possible, since you can only order the basic kit without an already existing account?

    Thank you

  6. Good Day, im curious: Until today SpaceX told us that the Starlink Cable can have a max length of 75ft. Now im reading on you article that there is a 150ft Cable as well. Is this the Starlink Cable which leads from the dish to the PSU? And is Starlink selling these as well? Thank you for your help

    • I talked to someone from SL and he told me that this Cable are just for the “normal” Dishes and not for the High-Performance-Kits.

      Thank you anyway.


    • 150ft is the max cable length that they sell. It is available in the online shop, along with the 75ft cable. The Starlink kits now come with a 50ft cable. Perhaps they misunderstood your question, and were referring to 75ft being the included cable length, not maximum?

  7. Does putting multiple extenders in a linear fashion affect stability of my Starlink internet? Yesterday, I tried to install 3 aftermarket extenders relatively far from each other so that my office’s Starlink network could reach my home (about 50 meters away). I could easily stream videos when it’s connecting, however there would momentary periods where I get zero connection sometimes as long as 30 minutes.

    Right now, I’m contemplating whether I should add some more extenders and put them near each other, or simply get an ethernet adapter

  8. The photo shows the flashing mount angle the same as the dish angle. I need the dish angle to be turned 90 degrees in order to face north. The mount faces west. Is this possible with the products you are citing?

    • The dish can rotate to whatever angle it needs to, so the direction of the mount doesn’t matter. You just need to mount it high enough on the roof that parts of the roof and trees don’t obstruct the view to the north.


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