How To Buy Starlink Accessories

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The Starlink kit that customers purchase for $599 includes a temporary mount, a standard length Starlink cable, and the Wifi router. This is all the hardware you need to get started, but Starlink accessories allow for permanent installation, increased home Wifi coverage, and more

There are different options for many of the accessories that you might want for your Starlink system. For example, mounts can be sourced from 3rd party stores like Amazon in addition to the official Starlink store. 

Note: You need an active Starlink account that is logged in to view the official store. If you don’t have an account or aren’t eligible for a full order, the link to the store above will not work!

In this article, we will explain the difference between OEM Starlink and 3rd party aftermarket accessories. We’ll also explain the ordering process for the Starlink store, and why you may not be able to purchase anything yet. Finally, we will explain the difference in accessories between the older round Starlink dish, and the new rectangular Starlink dish. 

Starlink Accessories – Official vs Aftermarket

You can order accessories from aftermarket sources, like Amazon, or from the official Starlink store. Starlink manufactures the dish and Wifi router, but they also make their own mounting and network accessories. 

Which option you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including price, availability, and features. For example, you may opt to purchase an aftermarket mount due to some options on the Starlink store being out-of-stock. 

Note: This article may contain affiliate links for the products mentioned

Mounting Accessories

The most common Starlink accessory that people buy are mounts. The base that is included in the Starlink kit isn’t suitable for a permanent installation in most cases. If you plan to install your dish on your roof, wall, or other angled surface, you’ll need a mount accessory that swivels to get the dish mast near vertical. 



We recommend aftermarket mounts for Starlink because they are cheaper and more readily available than the official Starlink mounts. The best mounting accessory for most installations will be a J mount, due to their versatility. The Winegard DS2000A J Mount, pictured above, is a near perfect fit for the Starlink dish mast, and includes U-bolts to fully secure the two together for a quick and easy installation. Another popular aftermarket mounting option is the CommDeck Flashing Mount, which is equivalent to the official Starlink Flashing Mount, both pictured below:


Starlink Flashing Mount

The official Starlink store is another option for sourcing mounting accessories. Starlink makes several types of mounts. The Pivot Mount is their version of a J mount. The Long Wall Mount and Short Wall Mount are popular exterior wall and roof eave mounts. If you want a sleek looking mount that matches the color of your Starlink dish, the official OEM mounts are the way to go. They are more expensive and have suffered supply issues, but they are more compatible with Starlink out-of-the-box compared to aftermarket mounts. 

For more details on mounts, check out our Guide to Starlink Mounting Options.

Network Accessories

Most homes will require more Wifi coverage than a single Wifi router can provide. When you order the Starlink kit, you get a very capable Wifi router, but a lot of customers will need to expand their system to provide better Wifi coverage and reliability. You might also want to connect directly to the router via ethernet. That’s where Starlink network accessories come in. 

Starlink Ethernet Adapter

Starlink Ethernet Adapter

The most common network accessory that people will want for Starlink is the Ethernet Adapter. This official Starlink accessory is a proprietary design, meaning you can only get it from Starlink, no aftermarket versions exist. The cost when ordered directly from Starlink is $25.

The Ethernet Adapter is applicable to the newer rectangular Starlink systems. The older round dish came with a Wifi router that featured an ethernet port. To cut costs and limit hardware delays due to supply chain issues, Starlink eliminated the ethernet port on newer Starlink routers. Customers wanting to connect with ethernet will need the adapter from the Starlink store. 

Starlink Mesh Nodes


Starlink Mesh Node

If you need to expand your Wifi signal to more areas of your house, you’ll want to set up a mesh network. You can use aftermarket mesh products, but Starlink also has an official version of their own that is compatible with the current rectangular dish. This official Starlink mesh system will compete with existing aftermarket mesh network options to provide better Wifi coverage throughout your home. 

Aftermarket mesh systems are ideal for their cheaper price, better features, and better compatibility with the original round dish. We recommend checking out something like the TP-Link Deco AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Mesh System, pictured above, if you want a better performing alternative to the Starlink option.

These 3rd party mesh Wifi systems give you advanced controls compared to the Starlink mesh system, such as parental controls, security features, guest Wifi controls, and more.

Be sure to check out our full article on Starlink and 3rd party mesh Wifi systems.

Starlink Extension/Replacement Cable

Starlink 150ft Replacement Cable

You can extend the distance between your Starlink dish and router with a Starlink replacement cable. Starlink offers replacement cables in the standard 75ft length, or in an extended 150ft length.

The extension/replacement cables are only available from Starlink. The cables use a proprietary connector, so aftermarket cables are not an option.

It is not possible to combine the standard 75ft cable with another 75ft cable, or the 150ft cable.

Starlink RV Cases


With the launch of the Starlink RV service, many people are taking Starlink on-the-go. It’s important that you protect your Starlink hardware, so protective cases are a must for RV’ers, van dwellers, and overlanders. One popular option is the Pelican 1610 Case, pictured above.

Starlink has their own case, called the Starlink Travel Case. It’s a bit cheaper than some of the aftermarket cases, and is specifically designed for Starlink. You can check out the Starlink case by visiting the Starlink Shop.

If you are interested in learning more about Starlink cases, check out our Starlink RV Case Guide.

Where Can I Order Accessories?

Official Starlink accessories are only sold through the online Starlink shop. If you are interested in buying accessories from Starlink, you’ll need an active account. More on that in the next section.

For aftermarket accessories, multiple retailers carry the mounts and other products you may need for your system. We recommend searching for the specific product in your favorite search engine, and then selecting the best price from a reputable retailer. 

How Do I Order Official Starlink Accessories?

In this section, we will explain how the ordering process works for official Starlink accessories. One of the most common questions we get involves people trying to order their mounts or ethernet adapter, and not being able to access the Starlink shop. 

Pre-Order Deposits

If you put down the $99 deposit to be put on the Starlink waiting list, you will not be able to order official accessories from the Starlink shop. Once your order is converted to a full order, your account will activate and you will be able to access the online shop to purchase accessories. 

Full Orders

Customers that are eligible for the full Starlink kit order will have access to the Starlink shop. You can purchase mounts and other accessories during or after your initial hardware kit purchase. 

Current customers can always return to the Starlink shop at any time and purchase additional accessories.

Round Dish vs Rectangle Dish

When the Starlink beta first launched in 2020, the dish and router that customers received in their kit was different from what is being manufactured today. The original dish was round, and the current dish is rectangular. 

It’s important to note that official Starlink accessories for the original dish are not compatible with the accessories for the newer dish. Aftermarket accessories, on the other hand, are generally compatible with both versions. 

As for what is different between the round and rectangular dish, the router/power supply was changed to an all-in-one unit, the Starlink cable was designed to be detachable, the ethernet port was removed from the router, and additional hardware/software changes were made to increase manufacturing and power efficiency. And of course, the shape of the dish was changed!

You can view the accessories for each version of dish by going to the Starlink shop dish selection page. Make sure to select your dish to view the accessories that are compatible. 

Final Thoughts

There are many options to choose from when shopping for Starlink accessories. For some things, like the Starlink Ethernet Adapter, you will need to buy from the Starlink shop. For other options, such as mounts or mesh Wifi systems, Amazon and other retailers have plenty of options to choose from. 

We advise people to check out all their options and choose according to your own needs. 

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Miva snider
Miva snider
20 days ago

Hi I just got my starlink dish works great but my home phone is by the voip so I need another port or adapter as the router only has one port is there something I can buy to hook up my phone to the router

21 days ago

I am in Northern WI (Lat 45deg N) with trees all around the house. As I understand it, the antenna will drive to toward the North. Given the tree obstructions and the 100deg FOV requirement, it seems logical that I would mount the antenna as far south (and high) on the roof, so when I pitch northerly, I minimize obstructions. What might be the ‘nominal’ expected pointing from vertical at this location?

Can I use the Starlink App prior to purchasing the equipment to verify FOV?

22 days ago

spelled adapter adaptor

Vicki Sandoval
Vicki Sandoval
1 month ago

I want to extend my coverage, I have the rectangular version and my knowledge is amateur level, is my best solution –
1-purchase Starlink mesh
2-purchase Starlink Ethernet adapter, use a 3rd party modem & extender

2 months ago

I have submitted a ticket but no response 😕 app says offline booting, I have tried resetting everything still have same problem. Not able to connect 😪 any suggestions?

Jean-guy Turenne
Jean-guy Turenne
3 months ago

I have de round dish I damaged de cable what do I do to change cable do I need to buy square dish with cable being separate

3 months ago

I currently have a dish at my cottage but would like to take advantage of ‘portability’ mode. Does this mean I literally have to buy a new dish and router from starling, as I do not want to move my other one around and if so, where can you order a new dish and router?

Norman Colpitts
Norman Colpitts
3 months ago

I have the new Starlink dish but I have a very long run. I bought 150’ cable from Starlink but it had “male” ends on both ends of cable. The supplied cable from the dish ends in a “male” end.
I need a connectir that will join two “male” ends together.
Can I buy that from Starlink?
Is there any other place to get the correct connector other than Starlink (is it proprietary?)

3 months ago

Is it possible to buy a second cable that connects the Starlink box to the round antenna? That would make it easier to take Starlink on the road because mine is secured through a wall and zip tied. What are the specs?

Edgar B
Edgar B
4 months ago

Whatever happened to simple “Plug and Play”?

Bruce Wedeking
Bruce Wedeking
4 months ago

From the antenna to the router does it take a special or will standard coax TV cable work? Also do you have a router that will operate off of 12volt DC for those of us in RVs? Anywhere on web site that I can find all the dimensions of the hardware, like antenna and router.