Best Aftermarket Wifi Routers For Starlink

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The Wifi router included in the Starlink kit works fine for most people and use cases. But if you want better performance, more features, or expanded coverage, an aftermarket router is a good upgrade to make.

With the current Starlink second generation hardware, the Wifi router and dish power supply are built into the same device. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bypass the Starlink router and use your own.

In this guide, I will show you how to use an aftermarket router with Starlink. I will also go over why you would even want to bother. Finally, I’ll recommend a few of the best Wifi routers for Starlink users.

Advantages of aftermarket Wifi routers

You’ve already paid hundreds of dollars to get Starlink, why would you want to spend more money when the hardware kit already includes a wireless router? For most people, it’s not necessary to upgrade. But for gamers, people that work from home, or other power users, upgrading to a better router can unlock great features and higher performance. Here are some advantages that aftermarket routers can give you:

  • Higher performance – Today’s best Wifi routers come with Wifi 6 technology, gigabit ethernet ports, and other features that the standard Starlink router doesn’t have. These features can enable faster speeds, greater range, and more reliability.
  • Better mesh speeds – Starlink sells their own mesh system to expand Wifi coverage, but it is only dual-band, compared to the latest tri-band technology. An aftermarket router can provide faster mesh speeds and seamless coverage.
  • More security features – Most aftermarket routers come with a comprehensive administration portal that allows you to set up advanced security features, port forwarding, VPN’s, etc.
  • Advanced networking – With an aftermarket router you have access to more advanced networking features, compared to the minimal customization available on the Starlink router.

How to use an aftermarket router with Starlink

One thing that confuses people about using another router with Starlink is the fact that the Wifi router and dish power supply are contained in the same unit. How are you supposed to upgrade to an aftermarket router and keep the Starlink router to power the dish?

Step 1 – Purchase the Starlink Ethernet Adapter

If you’re looking at your Starlink router, trying to plug in a device, you may be wondering, where is the Starlink router Ethernet port!? Before you can use an aftermarket router with Starlink, you will need a way to plug it in.

The Starlink router doesn’t have an Ethernet port. To get one, you will need to purchase the Starlink Ethernet Adapter from the Starlink shop.

Step 2 – Plug in the aftermarket router

Use an Ethernet cable (included with most routers) to plug the WAN/Internet port of the aftermarket router into the Starlink Ethernet Adapter. This connection allows the aftermarket Wifi router to access to the internet.

Go through the setup process according to the manufacturer instructions for your router model. Once finished, be sure you have internet connectivity through your aftermarket router (via Wifi and/or the router LAN ports) before continuing on to the next step.

Step 3 – Turn on bypass mode in the Starlink app

When you turn on bypass mode in the Starlink app, you turn off the Wifi and routing functions of the Starlink router, allowing the aftermarket router to take over everything.

To turn on bypass mode, open the Starlink app. Tap on Settings. With Router highlighted, scroll down and tap Bypass Mode. Slide the toggle to the right. Tap OK to confirm the change to bypass mode. You will have to perform a factory reset on the Starlink router to turn off bypass mode.

That’s it! You’ll still have access to the Starlink statistics and settings through the app or web interface. The stats are generated from the dish itself, so you don’t need to be using the Starlink router to do things like stow, pre-heat, etc.

For more detail, check out our guide on how to enable bypass mode.

Note: This article may contain affiliate links for the products mentioned

Recommended Wifi routers for Starlink

If you’re convinced that upgrading the Wifi router is worth it, I have compiled a list of the best routers for Starlink users below. For simplicity, I’ve ranked the routers in the order of best, great, and good.

Generally, the higher cost models bring the best performance and features, so pick the features you need in a router to avoid spending too much. Any of the options below are better than the included Starlink router in terms of performance and features.

Best: ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router


The best router for Starlink is the ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router. If you need the highest Wifi speeds for gaming, large file transfers, etc., this is the router for you. The ROG Rapture has all the latest Wifi technologies you would expect. Wifi 6, 802.11ax, 802.11ac support, and tri-band radios.

Use ASUS AiMesh to create a seamless mesh network. Mix and match compatible ASUS routers to expand Wifi coverage throughout your home if necessary. You might not even need to, with this single Wifi router featuring massive antennas and 15 channels on the 5ghz band.

You can also configure a VPN to run right on this router, which can protect your entire home network. That isn’t a feature that is very common in routers, so if you want to run a VPN on Starlink, this is the one for you.

What I like about the ASUS ROG Rapture for Starlink users:

  • Highest performance available for Wifi users (thanks to Wifi 6, tri-band radio)
  • AiMesh to create seamless mesh networks
  • Advanced security and networking features from the ASUS management software
  • ASUS ROG is a gamer/power user focused product line

What I don’t like:

  • Most expensive option on the list
  • “Gamer” look won’t fit into many spaces

Great: NETGEAR Nighthawk 6-Stream AX5400 WiFi 6 Router


If you want better performance compared to the Starlink router, but don’t need the top-of-the-line features, my recommendation would be the NETGEAR Nighthawk 6-Stream AX5400 Wifi 6 Router. Unlike with the default Starlink router, with the Nighthawk you get Wifi 6 technology, enabling faster speeds are more reliability. You also get a gigabit Ethernet port, and Wifi antenna’s that can cover up to 2,500 sq. ft.

My favorite features on the Nighthawk are the NETGEAR Armor security software and the advanced parental controls. Compared with the Starlink router, you can configure your Wifi network to be secure, and also safe for kids who may be using it.

What I like about the NETGEAR Nighthawk for Starlink users:

  • Wifi 6 technology for speeds up to 4.5 times faster than Wifi 5
  • NETGEAR Armor security software
  • NETGEAR Smart Parental Controls software
  • Affordable, high performance router

What I don’t like:

  • Dual-band radio, not tri-band
  • 25 device limit

Good: TP-Link Archer AX10 WiFi 6 Router


The TP-Link Archer AX10 WiFi 6 Router is the most affordable aftermarket router on our recommendation list, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a great upgrade compared to the Starlink router. For under $100, this is hard to beat. You get the benefit of Wifi 6 technology, for speeds nearly 5x higher than the Starlink router’s Wifi 5 technology. You also get the customization that an aftermarket router provides through the TP-Link management software.

The unique Tether app allows you to manage your Wifi router from your phone, or you can use the traditional web interface. The AX10 supports the newest 802.11ax standard, and is backwards compatible for older devices as well.

What I like about the TP-Link AX10 for Starlink users:

  • Faster Wifi speeds vs the Starlink router thanks to Wifi 6 support
  • Tether app to manage your Wifi network and router
  • Advanced security and networking features
  • Budget friendly

What I don’t like:

  • Won’t cover as much area as the higher-end options
  • Dual-band radio instead of tri-band

Final thoughts

An aftermarket Wifi router is a great upgrade to make for Starlink customers. The default router that comes in the Starlink hardware kit is average, but doesn’t support the fastest Wifi technology. It also doesn’t provide much in the way of customization or configuration.

It’s easy to use an aftermarket router with Starlink by purchasing the Starlink Ethernet Adapter, and then turning on bypass mode. Any of the product recommendations above would be a great choice. Are you using any of these routers, or do you recommend something different? Let us know in the comments!

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63 thoughts on “Best Aftermarket Wifi Routers For Starlink”

  1. I have a question that is of general nature. I am in Mexico and have Telmex for my internet. On my TV’s I get a lot of buffering. I wanted to setup a new starlink on my condo building but i would need about 250’ of cable from dish to modem. Apparently that is not available or does not work good from what I am told. Anyway if I get one of the routers you recommend will that boost the internet Speedo I don’t get the buffering? It seems to me the highest speed I will ever get is what Telmex gives me and a router will not give me more speed. Am I correct in all these assumptions?

    • Correct, the router doesn’t improve your internet connection speed. But if your TV’s are far away from the router, the Wifi speeds will often be slower than what the internet connection can provide. This is where a better router can help. Better range = better speeds.

  2. Hi Noah,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the content.
    I have just ordered my Starlink for use in Western Australia and your posts are covering all of my questions and more!

  3. Hi, I am a digital media designer, and currently am working with Starlink WiFi. (We do have the adapter, however, it is used for a computer that is processesing data 24/7. I am struglling with the bandwidth, as there are two tv’s, 3 computers and 5 mobile devices on WiFi. Is it possible, to connect the ASUS router to the Ethernet adapater and turn off WiFi on the ASUS, using it only as a router. Do I still need to bypass the Starlink wireless to add the Asus?

  4. Hello, and thank you for this nice article.
    I have a Raspberry pi as router with openmptcprouter, so far linked to the Starlink router with a USB <-> Ethernet dongle, because it is not possible to turn DHCP server off.
    The question is: will the bypass mode allow me to set a static IP address (say, mask for Starlink dish?

  5. Good morning Noah, I’ve been following you for a while now and I’d say you have given a lot of light to this, but I need an advice over here, can the AsusAX57 AX3000 work well with Starlink into a server that leads to access points and LAN’s round my company spreading the network?

    • Starlink at the end of the day is just an internet modem, it should work with virtually any network device. With the Ethernet Adapter, you gain access to an RJ45 port, which you can plug into your existing network equipment (WAN/Internet port).

  6. Can the cable provided in the Starlink residential kit work with the routers you mentioned in your article? Or do I need to purchase wifi 6 cable?

  7. I am about to move to Starlink from Viasat. And yes I will be on “Best Effort” for now. I still feel Starlink will be faster and cheaper than Viasat, even on “Best Effort”.

    I have all my equipment except for the ethernet adapter. My understanding is that Starlink is currently using wifi 5 technology only. My current router is a Nighthawk wifi 5 router. I am trying to decide if I want to invest in a wifi 6 router.

    My installer says I should wait and see if I am happy with current router. He also told me that most of his “Best Effort” customers have been converted to regular service fairly quickly after activating (fingers crossed).

    So the question is- invest in wifi 6 or wait? Thanks.

  8. I’m having the same problem. Tried the Asus and netgear 6 with the same issue, no internet. Purchased another adapter and still no internet before or after the bypass. Any suggestions?

    • Was having the same issue with my nighthawk ax2400 same specs as the ax5400. Opened a ticket with SL support they are sending out another cable to try. My router would have power but no power from the starlink to the router

  9. Not purchased yet.

    Not a gamer. Not the system manager. Needing UK service where sufficient speed can not be provided.

    For sure want wired dependability to the extent possible and security choices.

    Been very happy depending on multiple port DreyTek router Vigor2762 n series.

    Comment please?

    This adventure seems like stepping off a cliff.

    Finding dish rental possibilities brought me here, I will be a bother w more questions in the future.

    I hope for more UK early adopters. Seems the off grid proffessionials also serious techies are up and running.

    I just need to relocate an all ‘singing and dancing’ personal office and Android Samsung 22 ultra.

    Privileged to have signed up

    11 miles as ‘the Crow Flies’ from Stonehenge

  10. I have a business customer who has a backup LTE connection which I plan to use for their VPN users. Unfortunately their current DrayTek V2620LN load balancing feature doesn’t support both WAN and LTE to be live at the same time. This means we can’t use VPN via LTE when starlink is up. Which LTE router / any other solution would you suggest ? Many thanks.

  11. Starlink isn’t allowing connection of Roku Express. Will an after-market router create a new network that will permit Roku connection?

    • The first thing to try with the Starlink router is to split the 2.4 and 5ghz bands. Do this from the app in the Settings menu. The Roku Express only connects on the 2.4ghz band, so splitting it will create two separate Wifi networks. Might work better this way with the Roku. If that doesn’t work, put in a support ticket with Starlink, your router could be bad. There is no reason that the Roku wouldn’t be able to work with the Starlink router.

      And to answer the original question, yes, an aftermarket router would be able to connect to the Roku as well. Most routers have the ability to split the 2.4/5ghz bands as described above.

  12. I got the ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router for pretty cheap off EBay ending bid of 158.00 is not bad, my wired and wifi speeds have went way up now… Thanks for the info….

  13. Hey Noah

    great content, I’ve seen your youtube video really great.
    Is NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK PRO GAMING XR1000 is compatible on starlink? cheers

  14. Hello.
    I’m in Australia and TP-Link AX1800 WiFi 6 Router is not available in Australia. However I can purchase the TP-Link ARCHER AX23 AX1800 Dual-Band WiFi 6 Router. Will this be ok to use with starlink?
    Thanks and have a great day

    • Yes, that model will work fine. There are no specific requirements for a router to be used with Starlink, so the AX23 should work great if it has the features you are looking for.

  15. I have a Starlink installed with an additional Starlink mesh wifi router up and running but I still have dead spots in my 2 story home. What is the easiest way to extend the range without bypassing my existing mesh routers?

    • The easiest way is to add more Starlink mesh nodes. You could also continue using the Starlink routers, and run Ethernet to the dead spots. At the dead spot, plug in any router running in access point mode.

  16. When I installed the starlink square dish and the router I purchased a ethernet adaptor and I was able to connect to my network with the ethernet adaptor and also being able to avail of the starlink router Wi-Fi without bypassing the starlink router but I cant do that anymore and I wonder why

  17. Using the starlink router and ethernet at the same time. Can I use a second wifi router via the ethernet connection while still using the starlink router?

    • Yes you could have two routers if you wanted to. That would give you two Wifi networks which isn’t ideal, but it’s possible. If you don’t need the separate Wifi network, you could always set the new router up in “access point” mode so that it serves as just a Starlink Wifi access point.

  18. Hi Noah.

    Looking for some advice from you please. What are your suggestions for a router that can use a VPN and also that has the option to disable the WIFI and only be able to use ethernet for multiple connection points.

    I currently use Nord VPN if that helps.

    • My recommendation would the ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6, which is #1 on the list in this article. The ASUS router allows configuration of a VPN, including NordVPN. It has a much faster processor than the other models, which is important when using a VPN on the router itself. You can disable Wifi on virtually any router, so it would for sure be supported on the ASUS.

  19. Hello Noah,
    I have a Starlink router UTR-211 with a Starlink Ethernet adapter. Turning Bypass mode on I have no longer Internet access through the Starlink router. IP network changed and no DHCP on the ethernet – a static IP helped. But there is no Internet.
    Which trick am I missing? Do you have a solution?
    And is it also possible to change the IP network other than
    Finally I have to say Thank You for the factory reset trick. That’s crazy but it worked.

    • Make sure your aftermarket router is plugged into the Starlink Ethernet Adapter. Make sure it’s all set up correctly as a router, and also make sure the cable from the Ethernet Adapter goes into the WAN or Internet port on the aftermarket router.

      • I’m having the same problem. Tried the Asus and netgear 6 with the same issue, no internet. Purchased another adapter and still no internet before or after the bypass. Any suggestions?

        • That’s pretty odd. Have you tried connecting a device directly to the Ethernet Adapter? If multiple routers fail to connect to the internet via the Ethernet Adapter, it would appear the next likely thing besides the adapter is a bad Starlink router.

  20. What would you recommend for using a vpn with starlink? Is ther a router that would be able to have this as part of the router? I’m obviously not very computer tecky but… trying to get my starlink safter and privacy.

  21. I don’t want/can’t have WiFi emanating from the StartLink antenna, which will be on top of a 30ft tower. It seems like StartLink might be hopelessly consumer oriented. It’s hard to believe that’s there is no ethernet port anywhere on the antenna, but if that’s the case, I can’t use it.

    • You don’t need to enable Wifi with Starlink. The Wifi signal itself comes from the router, which is installed inside your home. You can turn it off by placing the router in bypass mode, and then using the Ethernet Adapter to connect via Ethernet.

      • The StarLink WiFi router is installed inside the home? Then how does the data get to that router? Is there a network diagram showing how this is all connected together? StarLink technical information seems to be extremely scarce, which makes the whole thing kind of a crap shoot.

          • I have people that I want to kick off my Wi-Fi, but I heard that you can’t block them with StarLink. If I get an aftermarket router, can I use that without using the StarLink router? And how does it find the correct satellites without the power and router?

          • If you want to kick people off the Wifi, just change the password to the network. But yes, you can use an aftermarket router without using the Starlink one. You’ll also need the Ethernet Adapter to be able to plug in an aftermarket router. Then you put the Starlink router in bypass mode, which turns off the Wifi, so that now it’s just the aftermarket router providing Wifi.

            The Starlink router remains hooked up, providing power and the connection to the aftermarket router.

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