How To: Starlink Router Factory Reset

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You may need to factory reset the Starlink router for several reasons. Perhaps you are troubleshooting a network issue, or transferring the Starlink hardware to someone else. In any case, performing a factory reset is an easy 3 step process.

In this article, I will explain how you can factory reset the Starlink router. The following steps apply to the Standard rectangular dish and the High Performance square dish. If you need to reset the original circular dish or a Starlink mesh node, please scroll down to the relevant sections.

Step 1 – Access the Starlink router

Head over to where your main Starlink router is located. You’ll need access to the power cord and wall outlet.

Step 2 – Perform the power cycle sequence

Next, power cycle the Starlink router 6 times in a row, waiting a few seconds between each power cycle. To do this, unplug the router power cord, wait a moment, and then plug it back in. Repeat this sequence 5 more times to perform a factory reset.

Step 3 – Verify the router has been reset

After the factory reset, the Starlink router will take several minutes to boot up. The old Wifi network name, password, and settings will be gone. You’ll need to reconnect to the default Starlink Wifi name after the reset.

The default Starlink Wifi name will be STINKY or STARLINK. When the router boots up and you can connect to the network, you’ll know the factory reset has been completed.

If your old network name pops up, repeat step 2, making sure you power cycle the router 3 times in a row.

Step 4 – Set up new Starlink Wifi network

If you aren’t selling or transferring your Starlink kit, you’ll want to set up your new Wifi network. Connect to the default STINKY or STARLINK Wifi network on your phone. Then open the Starlink app.

You’ll be promoted to change the default name, and to set a new password. Once you have configured the new Wifi network, you should be able to access the internet.

You’ll have to reconnect all your Wifi devices to the new Starlink Wifi network after a factory reset.

Original circular dish factory reset

If you have the circular Starlink hardware, the factory reset procedure is very simple. Just push the button on the bottom of the router until the light turns blue, and then release.

Give the router a few moments to boot up. Then connect to the default STINKY or STARLINK network, and proceed to rename and set a password if desired.

Starlink mesh node factory reset

Need to reset a Starlink mesh node? Power cycle the mesh node 6 times in a row. Unplug the power cord from the wall, then plug it back in. Repeat 5 more times. Wait a few moments for the mesh node to boot back up.

On your phone, make sure you are connected to your main router Wifi network, and not the mesh node STINKY or STARLINK default Wifi network that will appear after the factory reset.

Once the mesh node has booted up, and you are connected to your main Starlink network, open the Starlink app. The Starlink app will then prompt you to pair the Starlink mesh node.

How to reboot Starlink

If you just need to reboot your Starlink system, without resetting everything back to factory settings, try one of the following methods:

Method 1: Open the Starlink app. Tap Settings. Then tap Advanced. Tap Reboot Starlink to initiate a reboot. This will restart the dish, and the process might take several minutes.

Method 2: Unplug the router AC power cord from the wall outlet. Leave it unplugged for several minutes. Then plug it back in. This reboots the dish and the router. The dish will take several minutes to boot back up.

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