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How To: Starlink Router Factory Reset

You may need to factory reset the Starlink router for several reasons. Perhaps you are troubleshooting a network issue, or transferring the Starlink hardware to someone else. In any case, performing a factory reset is an easy 3 step process. In this article, I will explain how you can factory reset the Starlink router. The following steps apply to the Standard rectangular dish and the High Performance square dish. If you need to reset the original circular dish or a Starlink mesh node, please scroll down to the relevant sections. Step 1 – Access the Starlink router Head over to …

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How To Access The Starlink Router Settings

One of the cool features of Starlink internet is the built in statistics and administration tool. Using your mobile device or web browser, you can access the administration dashboard to check the system status, change settings, or view other information about your system. The dish itself has firmware that generates this statistics page. You don’t necessarily need to be using the Starlink router to access the dashboard. In this article, I’ll explain the two methods of accessing the Starlink router administration page. Starlink App Method The easiest way to access the Starlink router administration dashboard is through the Starlink app. …

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