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Gen 3 Mesh Router Now Available In The Shop

Starlink Gen 3 Router

Months after Starlink first launched the Gen 3 dish, customers are finally able to buy additional routers to expand their Wifi coverage. The Gen 3 Mesh Router recently popped up in the Starlink shop. For now, it’s only available in the US, but should expand to other countries as the Gen 3 rollout continues. In this post, I’ll dive into the features of the Gen 3 Mesh Router, explaining the upgrades over the previous version. I will also talk about two surprising developments that I learned with this accessory release. Finally, I’ll compare Starlink’s mesh system to 3rd party alternatives, …

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4x Faster Wi-Fi Speed? Hands-On With The New Starlink Gen 3 Router

The next generation Starlink hardware is right around the corner. Starlink recently got FCC approval for two new dishes, and they are also giving some customers a chance to try out the new Gen 3 router. It’s backwards compatible with previous Starlink generations, so I bought one to test out. Learn all the features and specs of the new Starlink Gen 3 router, and see how it manages to be more than 4 times faster than previous generations, in this review. I will also walk you through the installation and setup process for each generation of Starlink. Is it a …

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ISEKIE Starlink Router Wall Mount Review

I originally installed my Starlink router next to an exterior wall, where the Starlink cable comes in. There weren’t any shelves or tables nearby to put the router on, so I just left it on the floor. I planned to secure it to the wall somehow, but back then, there weren’t any products made specifically for the Starlink router. I recently came across an accessory that looked like it would solve my problem. The gets your Gen 2 Starlink router off the ground, and out of the way. In this article, I will be going over what it is and …

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How To Bypass The Starlink Router To Use Your Own

Starlink Gen 3 router bypassed

The Wifi router that comes with every Starlink kit works great for most people. It has the basic features you would expect from any Wifi router, and the performance is good for small areas. But what if you have an existing router you want to use with Starlink? Or maybe you are looking to upgrade to an aftermarket router for more features and performance? To use a different router with Starlink, you will need to know about bypass mode. Bypass mode turns off the Wifi and routing functions of the Starlink router, so that 3rd party networking equipment can take …

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Can You Install The Starlink Router Outside?

In a typical Starlink installation, the router is placed inside, with the Starlink cable routed through an exterior wall. Some users find themselves in a difficult situation, where their Starlink dish needs to be installed in a remote location. In some cases, this might call for the Starlink router to be installed outside. Can the router be placed outside? The Starlink router is IP54 rated, meaning it has some dust and water resistance. It can operate within a temperature range of -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C). With these specs, yes, the Starlink router can be placed outside in an …

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Best Aftermarket Wifi Routers For Starlink

The Wifi router included with every Starlink kit works fine for most people. However, if you want better performance, more features, and expanded coverage, an aftermarket router is a good upgrade to consider. 3rd party routers unlock more potential for your Starlink system. You can gain access to parental controls, device management, and port forwarding, for example. In this guide, I will explain the advantages of using an aftermarket router. I will go over what makes certain routers stand out, and what features are important. Finally, I’ll recommend a few of the best Wifi routers to use with Starlink. Advantages …

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How To Factory Reset The Starlink Router

Doing a factory reset of the Starlink router is useful in many situations. Maybe you are troubleshooting a network issue, or perhaps you simply forgot the Wifi password. In any case, performing a factory reset is an easy process, no matter which generation Starlink router you have. In this article, I will explain how to factory reset a Starlink router, walking you through it step by step. If you don’t need to do a factory reset, and just need to reboot/restart your system, check out our guide on how to reboot Starlink. Which Starlink router do you have? There are …

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How To Access The Starlink Router Settings

One of the cool features of Starlink internet is the built in statistics and administration tool. Using your mobile device or web browser, you can access the administration dashboard to check the system status, change settings, or view other information about your system. The dish itself has firmware that generates this statistics page. You don’t necessarily need to be using the Starlink router to access the dashboard. In this article, I’ll explain the two methods of accessing the Starlink router administration page. Starlink App Method The easiest way to access the Starlink router administration dashboard is through the Starlink app. …

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