How To Access The Starlink Router Settings

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One of the cool features of Starlink internet is the built in statistics and administration tool. Using your mobile device or web browser, you can access the administration dashboard to check the system status, change settings, or view other information about your system.

The dish itself has firmware that generates this statistics page. You don’t necessarily need to be using the Starlink router to access the dashboard. In this article, I’ll explain the two methods of accessing the Starlink router administration page.

Starlink App Method

The easiest way to access the Starlink router administration dashboard is through the Starlink app. The Starlink app is available for iOS and Android devices. If you haven’t already, visit your app store and search for Starlink.

To access the Starlink router settings from the app, be sure you are connected to your Starlink Wifi network. Also be sure you are logged in to your Starlink account in the app.

When you open the app, you’ll land on the dashboard. Here, you’ll see important information, like the status of Starlink. There are also buttons for testing internet speed, checking for obstructions, adjusting network settings, and looking at network statistics.

The Settings button is where you’ll find advanced router settings, such as splitting the 2.4 and 5 GHz Wifi networks, or enabling custom DNS.

Web Browser Method

The other way to access the Starlink router is through a web browser on a device that is on your Starlink home network. This method doesn’t require the use of the app, just a web browser.

To access Starlink via a web browser, type in the following IP address in your web browser:

You can also use the Starlink dish IP address instead:

It’s important that you use http:// and not https:// when accessing the Starlink router page.

If you are using a third party router and you have bypass mode enabled, you might need to manually type in the statistics URL in order to see your network statistics. Obviously, you won’t have access to other Starlink router options in bypass mode:

Still can’t get to the statistics page on a third party router? Try creating a static route in your router configuration:

Network destination:
Subnet Mask:
Interface: WAN

The web version of the Starlink administrative dashboard has a similar layout and functions, but some settings and features are not available via the browser method. For example, you cannot change advanced Wifi settings.

How To Change The Starlink Wifi Password

When you first setup and install Starlink, one of the first things you are prompted to do is change the Starlink Wifi network name and password. If you’ve lost your password, or you need to change it for any reason, you can do that in the Starlink app by following these steps:

  1. Open the Starlink app
  2. Scroll down and tap Settings
  3. Under Wifi Configuration, type in a new password (and/or network name) and hit Save
  4. The router will reboot. Wait a minute or two and then reconnect to the Starlink Wifi network with your new password

You will have to reconnect all of your other devices when the network name or password is changed.

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31 thoughts on “How To Access The Starlink Router Settings”

  1. My work has logins from outside OZ blocked and trying to work from home I cannot log into office 365 as my sign ins say I am trying to log in from Los Angeles. Is there a setting somewhere I can change to fix this

  2. for the moment , i want to use temporaly my Set up to an other country. how to bypass the firewall of starlink ? this country is not on the available list for the moment

    • If the country is within the same continent, the Roam plan might provide coverage there. But if Starlink has blocked access for whatever reason, there is no way to bypass.

  3. is it possible to hide the starlink wifi? im going to use in a place that there isnt other wifi near by, so i dont want people around to know that there is a starlink antenna, to be stollen…

    • Not that I know of. You could always name it HughesNetWifi and then nobody would want to steal it haha. Or something like VerizonHotSpot2. Starlink units are basically worthless while attached to your account, someone stealing it couldn’t use it unless they found someone to scam with it.

  4. Can I password protect my StarLink router to keep any random person from connecting to it? It seems like there is no option to stop unwanted people from connecting to my WiFi

    • Yes, you are supposed to set a new Wifi name and password when you originally setup the equipment. But if you didn’t, you will need to log in to the Starlink app and change the Wifi password in the network settings. Go to Settings > Networks to find this page in the app.

  5. Apart from being your customer, we are also a company that provides Starlink dish installation in Ontario Canada. We have recently noticed one common problem our customers face regularly. Once the Starlink dish is installaed, everything works well and there are no problems with the internet connection at all. However, when our client purchase and install your Ethernet Adapter to connect other devices to the router, they start experiencing internet issues. Their internet connection often gets disrupted and it happens on a regular basis throughout the day.

    Could you please help us solve this problem or explain why it happens and how to avoid it? Thank you

    • My site isn’t affiliated with Starlink, but I would guess this is a faulty router or Ethernet Adapter issue. I would check and see if the overall internet is affected, or just Ethernet? I’m leaning more towards a bad router that needs replaced, if all internet from Starlink is being disrupted.

  6. If am out of my home why does my second Starlink router i use like a mesh not visible in the app

  7. We have the equipment, mesh router correct wiring and an account. They are indicating my area is covered for service. We are stuck on how to get the equipment to communicate with the StarLink system. Your notes here do not seem to cover this issue and we cannot get any response from Starlink support. Any suggestions?

    • What mesh hardware do you have? The Starlink mesh nodes or 3rd party? For 3rd party, you need to purchase the Starlink Ethernet Adapter. It gives you an Ethernet port that you will plug into your 3rd party router WAN/Internet port. And then follow the setup instructions for the 3rd party system to get it up and running. Then put the Starlink router into Bypass mode in the Starlink app so that you don’t have two routers running. For Starlink Mesh Nodes, you simply plug in the AC power on the node, open the app, and confirm that you want to add the mesh node to your system.

  8. What is the Hidden Network that I see from my Manage WiFi connection each time my Starlink router is powered on and how can I connect to it?

  9. So by using the ethernet adapter, turning off Starlink WiFi, and connecting to my MESH system I loose the ability to manage the Starlink router/modem.

    • No, you can still access the modem and Starlink functions through the app. You just lose the ability to change some Starlink router specific things, like custom DNS, separate 2.4/5ghz channels, etc. But those things also probably exist with your 3rd party mesh system.


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