How To Access The Starlink Router Settings

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One of the cool features of Starlink internet is the built in statistics and administration tool. Using your mobile device or web browser, you can access the administration dashboard to check the system status, change settings, or view other information about your system.

The dish itself has firmware that generates this statistics page. You don’t necessarily need to be using the Starlink router to access the dashboard. In this article, I’ll explain the two methods of accessing the Starlink router administration page.

Starlink App Method

The easiest way to access the Starlink router administration dashboard is through the Starlink app. The Starlink app is available for iOS and Android devices. If you haven’t already, visit your app store and search for Starlink.

Starlink app icon
Starlink app icon

To access the Starlink router settings from the app, be sure you are connected to your Starlink Wifi network. Also be sure you are logged in to your Starlink account in the app.

When you open the app, you’ll land on the dashboard. Here, you’ll see important information, like the status of Starlink. There are also buttons for testing internet speed, checking for obstructions, adjusting network settings, and looking at network statistics.

The Settings button is where you’ll find advanced router settings, such as splitting the 2.4 and 5 GHz Wifi networks, or enabling custom DNS.

Web Browser Method

The other way to access the Starlink router is through a web browser on a device that is on your Starlink home network. This method doesn’t require the use of the app, just a web browser.

To access Starlink via a web browser, type in the following IP address in your web browser:

You can also use the Starlink dish IP address instead:

It’s important that you use http:// and not https:// when accessing the Starlink router page.

If you are using a third party router and you have bypass mode enabled, you might need to manually type in the statistics URL in order to see your network statistics. Obviously, you won’t have access to other Starlink router options in bypass mode:

The web version of the Starlink administrative dashboard has a similar layout and functions, but some settings and features are not available via the browser method. For example, you cannot change advanced Wifi settings.

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