Here Is What Comes In The Starlink Hardware Kit

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When you purchase Starlink Residential or Starlink RV for $599, you will get the following items in the hardware kit:

  • Starlink Antenna/Dish
  • Mounting Base
  • Wifi Router
  • 50 ft. Starlink Cable
  • AC Power Cable
Starlink Residential/RV Hardware Kit

Let’s dive into more detail on the individual items contained in the Residential/RV Starlink hardware kit:

Starlink Antenna/Dish

Standard Starlink Dish

The dish that comes with the hardware kit is a phased array antenna. The dish is rectangular, with a flat, smooth face. The rectangular dish is the 2nd version of the Starlink dish. Originally, the dish was round, and officially nicknamed ‘Dishy McFlatFace’.

How big is the Starlink dish? The dish measures 20.25″ x 12″. The mast, which connects the dish to the mounting base, is 10.75″ long and 1.5″ in diameter. Data and power for the dish are supplied by the 50′ Starlink cable, which we will cover later. The dish has motors, and is able to aim itself at the correct location towards the satellites.

Mounting Base

Starlink Mounting Base

Does Starlink come with a mount? Yes, a mounting base is included in the Starlink hardware kit. This mounting base is more of a temporary solution for Residential users, but is a great portable option for RV users. The total footprint of the base measures 22″ x 13″. There are mounting holes on each of the 4 legs. The dish mast slides into the opening of the base, and locks in place with a spring loaded tab.

The Starlink dish mast must be within 5 degrees of vertical, so using the included mounting base on a pitched roof isn’t ideal. For ideas on permanent mounting options, check out our guide, Starlink Mounting Options – A guide to official and DIY mounts.

Wifi Router And AC Power Cable

Starlink Wifi Router

Does the Starlink kit come with a router? Yes, the Starlink hardware kit includes a Wifi router. The dish connects to the router for data and power via the 50′ Starlink cable, detailed in the next section. The router measures 10″x7″x2.5″.

What kind of power supply is included? The router doubles as the AC power supply for the dish. An AC power cable is included with the router. A DC power supply is not available for Starlink RV.

The router has Wifi 5 technology, supporting 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards. It features WPA2 security. It can cover up to 2000 sq. ft., and is rated for indoor use only. The router does not include an Ethernet port, but the Starlink Ethernet Adapter can be purchased separately.

Starlink Ethernet Adapter

For more on Starlink accessories, be sure to check out our article, How To Buy Starlink Accessories.

50 ft. Starlink Cable

50′ Starlink Cable

How long is the Starlink cable? 50 feet. The included 50′ Starlink cable connects the dish to the router, providing data communication and power. The cable itself is standard CAT5e, but the connectors on each end are proprietary to Starlink. The dish side connector and the router connector have different shaped strain reliefs, so the cable can only be run one way. The mast side connector should be routed through an exterior wall from the inside during installation, because it requires a smaller diameter hole to be drilled compared to the router end of the cable.

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