How to Remotely Connect to the Starlink App

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Starlink users now have the ability to remotely connect to their Starlink router from anywhere in the world. With a recent software update, users can now view their system statistics remotely.

You probably missed this feature in the app because Starlink didn’t really make it obvious or easy to figure out. That’s why we created this step-by-step guide to help out.

Why would I want to connect remotely?

Before we get started, I’ll give you an example where the ability to connect the app remotely would come in handy:

Let’s say you have family or friends at your house but you are at work. You get a text saying the internet is down. The kids need to do homework, the wife needs to jump on a Zoom meeting. Being able to remotely connect to your Starlink system allows you to do some basic troubleshooting and get your internet back up.

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Make sure you are disconnected from your Starlink WIFI network. Connect to cellular data or another WIFI network. Then open up the Starlink app.

Step 2: Tap the Account Profile Icon

You will see DISCONNECTED in the app, which is normal. To initiate a remote connection, click on the account profile icon in the upper left corner of the app.

Step 3: Confirm the App is Trying to Connect Remotely

On the account profile page of the app, you will see your account details. Right below the sign out button, you should see Connecting to your Starlink remotely. If you do, proceed. If you don’t confirm you are disconnected from the Starlink WIFI. Also confirm you have internet connectivity through cellular or another WIFI network.

starlink remote connection

Tap the X button in the upper left to close the account profile settings. You should now see a status of ONLINE. If you do, you are remotely connected! Also note the blue icon that appears on the account profile icon, which indicates a remote connection.

Still disconnected? Go back to step 2. Before proceeding to step 3, try waiting for 10 seconds on the account profile page of the app. Still not working? Make sure your app is at the latest version and your Starlink firmware is up-to-date.

Speed Test

The first thing you might notice is that the speed test icon is not available when remotely connected. This is because your mobile device isn’t actually on the Starlink network to test for speed.

If you click the stats icon and attempt to perform a speed test that way, it will fail. The phone to internet test will be testing your cellular speed, not Starlink. The router to internet speed test will not run in remote connection mode.


Click on the stats icon to view network statistics, including uptime and usage.

Devices, Settings, etc.

When remotely connected to your Starlink, you’ll also have access to connected devices, settings, and support. You can do things like pre-heat the dish for an upcoming snow storm. Or perhaps you need to stow the dish to reset the connection for troubleshooting. Most settings and features are available in remote connection mode.

Features like speed test or checking for obstructions will not be available when connected remotely, as those require your phone to be connected to the Starlink wifi network.

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5 months ago

I setup Starlink in Maine for my 80 year-old mother. I used an iPhone 6. I am now in Colorado and attempted to log in and manage it remotely. I cannot. It seems to think that Starlink still needs to be setup. My wife has an iPhone 10. I installed the Starlink App and then I logged into my account and we still get bupkis. It falls apart on Step 3, where it should say “Connect to your Starlink Remotely” it has nothing on my phone and on my wife it says something like “go to and buy portability.” As you can imagine, my mom’s tech skills are not strong, so it’s important that I figure this out. I have a Pixel Pro 6 arriving in 4 – 6 days but she cancelled Dish. She can’t get around much and if Starlink goes down it’s going to be a major issue for her if I can’t manage it remotely as advertised. Please advise.

5 months ago
Reply to  EAE

More info: Step 2 is screwed up as well. We don’t see “Disconnected” or any status like that. We see the same Setup / Look for Obstructions options that we saw when we set it up the first time.

5 months ago
Reply to  EAE

Happy to report that this did start working correctly on the iPhone 10 after we left it overnight and tried again in the morning. The app is a big buggy on the older iPhone 6 (which is not on the latest ios) and it does not work there. Hope this helps someone in the future.

11 months ago

In the example scenario your family has no net connection thru Starlink… How exactly does your phone connect to the Starlink hardware from some remote location? (or if local/on-site, using another WIFI or cell network isn’t gonna work either if the SL gear isn’t talking to satellites, right?)