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Starlink Gen 3 Availability Expands To Australia

Starlink availability map for Australia

Out with the old, in with the new. Starting today, another major Starlink market gets access to the next generation hardware. Starlink officially launched the 3rd generation “Starlink Standard” hardware kit in Australia, making it only the second country to have access to the new dish. Starlink originally released the Gen 3 Standard dish in the US back in December 2023. Initially, they offered customers a choice between the Gen 2 Standard Actuated hardware, and the new Gen 3 Standard dish. Several weeks after the initial launch, Starlink stopped offering the Standard Actuated model, and it’s no longer available in …

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Setting Up The Starlink Standard Kit

Starlink Gen 3 Standard Kit

Starlink satellite internet is a game changer for people in rural areas who don’t have access to high speed broadband services. It’s also great for digital nomads, RV travelers, and other people who like to escape to remote areas, but stay connected. I’ve had Starlink for about 3 years, and it’s allowed me to do things I was never able to do before. If you are reading this, you probably just received your Starlink kit. Or maybe you are still researching Starlink, and want to know if it’s hard to set it up. I created this guide to show people …

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Starlink Is Retiring Another Gen 2 Dish

Starlink customers in the United States now have one less dish model to choose from. The 2nd generation “Standard Actuated” dish is no longer an option for any service plan. The change from Gen 2 to Gen 3 is now complete in the US, Starlink’s largest market. The Gen 3 rollout started in December 2023. The first Gen 3 model released, named “Standard”, is the first of at least two planned Gen 3 models. The Standard dish appeared initially as an option for Roam and Business orders in the US, alongside the Gen 2 hardware. Now, Standard is the default …

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Best Buy Is Now Selling The Starlink Gen 3 Standard Kit

Starlink has several retail partners, like Best Buy and Costco, that sell Starlink hardware kits online and in store. Until today, Best Buy was not offering the latest generation “Standard” model. Only the 2nd generation models were listed on the website. As the Gen 3 rollout continues, many people are looking to get the latest and greatest hardware. If you are in the United States, and looking to get a Gen 3 dish, Best Buy is now offering the latest Starlink model on their website. The price at Best Buy is $599.99, the same as you pay if you order …

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Here’s How I Set Up Starlink In My Tesla

If you like to take road trips like I do, you’ve probably been in many situations where cell service isn’t available, sometimes for hours. In remote areas of the United States, even if you have cell service, usually it’s only good for calls or texts. Mostly, I just want internet for music and podcasts. But internet access also allows me to communicate with friends, family, and emergency services if needed. Starlink offers a great solution for staying connected in remote areas, even on the road. Did you know Starlink dishes work while driving? Yep, even at 80 mph, a Starlink …

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Easy Aftermarket Cable Extension For Starlink Gen 3

The Starlink Standard kit includes a 50 ft. shielded Ethernet cable, which carries power and data from the router to the dish. For permanent home installations, the Starlink cable is usually routed through an exterior wall. If the dish mounting location is far away from where the router will be placed, 50′ of cable might not be long enough. If you need a longer cable, there are a few options to consider. You can purchase the official 150′ cable directly from Starlink. A cheaper option is to buy an aftermarket Ethernet cable that meets the required specifications. The last option, …

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Tutorial: Starlink Alignment Tool

Starlink Gen 3 aiming

The Starlink Gen 3 Standard dish needs to be manually pointed in the right direction. It’s best to perform the alignment during the initial setup process. Proper alignment is crucial for getting the best performance out of a Starlink system. In this tutorial, I will explain what the Starlink alignment tool is, and walk you through how to use it to aim your dish. This guide is intended for users of the Gen 3 Standard dish. Manual alignment isn’t needed for older generations or other models. Which direction does Starlink point to? When you aim the dish, you are pointing …

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Starlink Standard Unboxing – Here Is What Comes With The Gen 3 Kit

Contents of the Gen 3 Standard Starlink kit

Starlink’s newest hardware, Gen 3 Standard, was launched in late 2023. If you are looking to get Starlink, or have already purchased a kit, you might be wondering what comes in the box. In this article, I will detail everything included in the Starlink Standard kit, so you know what to expect when your order arrives. The Gen 3 “Standard” hardware option is available for most service plans. It’s the default equipment for Residential and Roam. The Starlink Standard kit contains everything you need to get online in just a few minutes: As you can see, the Starlink system is …

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Gen 3 Standard Wall Mount – Review and Installation Tutorial

The Standard Wall Mount is a mounting accessory from Starlink that allows you to permanently install your Gen 3 dish to an exterior wall, eave, or fascia. Starlink has simplified their mounting options for Gen 3, opting to combine the previous Short and Long Wall Mount’s from Gen 2, into just one product for their next generation dish. The Standard Wall Mount combines the features from previous versions, with some interesting new additions for Gen 3. If you are looking to mount the Gen 3 Standard dish to your home, the Standard Wall Mount is one of the only options …

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Standard vs Standard Actuated – Starlink Hardware Options Explained

Depending on your location, Starlink will offer you different hardware options. For Residential and Roam orders in the US, the choice comes down to “Standard” or “Standard Actuated”. The Starlink website doesn’t give much information on the differences between the two models, but there are a lot of things you should be aware of before making a decision. In this guide, I will break down all the differences between the two equipment options, Standard and Standard Actuated. Learn about the hardware, mounting options, installation process, and available accessories. I will talk about performance, reliability, and offer my overall recommendation for …

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