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The Starlink ‘stow’ feature allows you to move the dish back to its default orientation. You might need to stow the dish to send it back to Starlink, for troubleshooting, or to move it to a different installation location. In any case, you will probably encounter a situation where the feature comes in handy at some point.

There are three methods that you can use to stow a Starlink dish. You can do it using the app, but there are also a couple of manual methods that require a more hands-on approach. You can even stow the dish if it is broken or unresponsive. In this tutorial, I will walk you through each method, from easiest to hardest.

Stowing Starlink with the app

The best way to stow a Starlink dish is to use the Starlink app. This method works if your Starlink is functional and you can connect to it, either locally or remotely.

Step 1 – Open the Starlink app on your device

Step 2 – Tap Settings

Step 3 – Scroll down to the Stow Starlink section, slide the toggle to the right

Step 4 – If you are locally connected to your Starlink, sliding the toggle will stow the dish. If you are remotely connected (for example using cellular data or your work Wifi), an additional confirmation appears. Tap OK to confirm and stow

You will not be able to un-stow and restore internet service if you stow the dish through a remote connection!

Your Starlink service will be interrupted while the dish is stowed. The router and Wifi network will remain on, but you won’t be able to access the internet. To un-stow the dish and restore service, follow the same steps. You will see an option to Unstow in the Settings, instead of Stow. If you are remotely connected with the app, you won’t see the un-stow option, as you need to be locally connected to Starlink in order to restore service. It will take several minutes for Starlink to boot back up.

Stowing without the app

If you don’t have access to the Starlink app but you can access the dish, try this method of stowing:

Step 1 – With the dish plugged in and turned on, remove it from the mounting base

Step 2 – Place the Starlink dish face down on a flat surface

Step 3 – After about a minute, the dish will automatically tilt into the stow position

Step 4 – Immediately unplug the dish (Starlink cable or router power cable) so that it remains stowed

To restore service to a dish stowed with this method, install it back in the mount and apply power. The dish will automatically start to search for satellites and orient itself after several minutes.

Manually stowing a broken Starlink dish

If the previous two options don’t work because your dish is broken, you can still stow it manually. If you are sending the dish back to Starlink for repair or replacement, you are allowed to force it into the stowed position for shipping.

Step 1 – Remove the dish from the mount, unplug the Starlink cable

Step 2 – Place the dish face down on a flat surface

Step 3 – Slowly apply force to the mast part of the dish, pushing it down into the stow position

You may hear some clicking or grinding. It’s just the electric motor and gears being forced to turn. As long as you move slowly, and don’t attempt to push the mast too far, you won’t break anything.

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12 thoughts on “How To Stow Starlink”

  1. I purchased a used kit in Canada. The gentleman didn’t stow it before he canceled the service. I set up my service in the Dominican Republic because I am traveling. I set everything while still in Canada, haven’t gone to the Dominican Republic yet, can’t stow the unit, any suggestions?

    • It can take 5-10 minutes after power is applied to the system, for the dish to move on its own. If you manually forced it to stow, the motors could be broken. Service/activation has nothing to do with stowing or dish movement. It will always point straight up after a few minutes of turning on. Could be a bad cable or bad router if it never moves. The warranty transfers from the previous owner, so reach out to Starlink support if you can’t get it to work and the cable replacement doesn’t help.

  2. I can’t unplug the cable housing from the base. Maybe it’s misaligned. Any tips? I don’t want to yank too hard lest I damage it.

    • There have been reports that a manufacturing defect has caused some of the plastic or other material to melt and sort of glue the connector in place. Give it some downward force and wiggle it a bit, it should slide out.

  3. So I hit the stow button. It did not give me the second “are you sure” message and now I can’t unstow. In this article it says I will not be able to unstow until I am directly connected to my Starlink internet again. So how do I go about directly connecting again?

    • They may have changed it, I see that they just recently updated the app and now it’s a swipe toggle for the stow. I will work on updating this guide. As far as getting it out of stow mode, you just need to be connected to your Starlink Wifi network. What I mean by directly connecting is that you can’t unstow by remotely connecting to your system from work, school, cellular data, etc. You have to be physically at your Starlink location, connected to the Wifi.


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