Here Is What Starlink Internet Costs In 2023

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Starlink is a satellite internet service operated by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. Starlink has over 1.5 million subscribers globally, although network capacity remains limited in many areas, as satellite deployment continues.

In this article, I will go over the most recent Starlink pricing for 2023, in the US market. I will cover the hardware costs, the monthly service fee, and break down the different service plans.

The most common Starlink service plan is the home internet package, called Standard (formerly Residential). Starlink Standard costs $120/month, with a one-time hardware cost of $599.

There are no contracts, so you can cancel your service at any time. Starlink offers a 30 day return period.

Other Starlink Plans

In addition to Standard, Starlink offers other types of plans for fixed and mobile applications. Here is what they cost in 2023:

Standard (Residential): $120 per month, $599 for the hardware.

Best Effort: $120 per month, $599 for the hardware.

Mobile (Roam): Starting at $150 per month, $599 for the hardware.

Priority (Business): Starting at $250 per month, $2,500 for the hardware.

Mobile Priority (Maritime/Mobility): Starting at $250 per month, $2,500 for the hardware.

For more detail on all the Starlink plan options, check out our guide, Starlink Internet Plans Explained.

Optional Hardware Costs

Standard and Mobile customers have the option to upgrade from the Standard Starlink hardware, to higher performance models.

Standard users can select the High Performance hardware for $2,500, while Mobile users can upgrade to the Flat High Performance hardware for $2,500. The Flat High Performance dish can be used in-motion when using Mobile Priority data.

For more detail on Mobile Priority data and the other types of Starlink data, click here for our full guide.

If your address is in a waitlisted area, you won’t be able to place a full Standard order. Instead, you can pay $99 to reserve a spot on the waitlist.

When capacity expands in your area, orders will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis for pre-order customers.


In 2023, Starlink prices have gone up to $120 per month, with a one-time hardware cost of $599. Starlink remains the only available high speed, low latency satellite internet service for US customers. I think the target Starlink market, which is underserved rural customers, will happily accept the costs in exchange for finally getting access to high speed broadband internet.

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85 thoughts on “Here Is What Starlink Internet Costs In 2023”

    • Yes, depending on the plan you choose. Roam, for example, has a pause button that you can use to pause billing/service for the months you aren’t using it. It’s easy to start back up with Roam, just hit the activate button again on your account dashboard. With Residential, you can’t really pause. You can cancel anytime, but being able to reactivate service depends on capacity at your address. I recommend Roam for seasonal properties.

  1. We currently have an RV Starlink mounted in house which was our best option while we waited 4 years for service. Residential has finally arrived. What options do we have to replace RV with Res? i.e. Mounts same? Router identical? Satellite dish? I have so many questions and no phone number to call for support.

    • The equipment is the same between RV and Residential, so the mounts will still work, router is identical, cable is the same. Everything is the same. If you already ordered the Residential dish, just swap out the actual dish and you are good to go. If you haven’t ordered yet, create a support ticket and ask support to just convert your current equipment to Residential. I’ve been hearing they are now doing this for customers on the waitlist who are finally able to proceed.

  2. Is there only 1 connection you need to make thru wall into house to a modem or whatever is used and is signal strong enough to cover 2 story house

    • Yes, there is one cable between the router and the dish. It depends on what the house is built out of, and how spread out it is. A single router covers my 2 story home without issues, but 2 story could be 1500 sq ft or it could be 3000 sq ft. Obviously, it would be much harder to cover 3000 sq ft with one router.

      • We want to install a Starlink on our boat. However, we are traveling on it right now and can’t predict where we will be in order to receive the package. I would like to ship it to my home and then check it on my flight back.

  3. If in the US, can I purchase Starlink Roaming plan and use it both at my primary residence and then travel with it while on vacations (3 or 4 times a year)?

    • Yes, Roam will work for this application. You won’t get the best speeds because of the reprioritization of Roam users, but if you need service at multiple locations, Roam is the only way.

  4. Thank you Noah for your commitment to users and aspiring users. Please how many devices can one connect to the RV plan? I am planning to install Starlink in my university location in Lagos Nigeria. It will be for private use, but I am hoping to share it with some others within the area.

  5. I just ordered my Starlink yesterday. I put my address in and it says it is available but after looking into it further it has my address across for the road from where I am. I put my mothers address in and it puts it where my house is and it isn’t available there. My question is will it work with it being so close to where it cuts off? Hoping that I will get a good answer because I was so excited to see it was available.

    • It might work across the street. If it were me, I would order it for the available address. Once you get it, attempt to change the service address by dragging the location to your home on the map in the account dashboard. It might let you change the address to be correct. If not, see if will still work that far away. Worst case, you have 30 days to return for a full refund. Or you can convert to Mobile/Roam and use it anywhere, but with deprioritized service.

      • Ok not to sound like I am dumb but what is deprioritized service? Also, what is the cost difference in the standard service and the Mobile/Roam?

        • Deprioritized just means that during times of network congestion (like evening hours between 5pm-11pm), you might get slower speeds compared to higher priority Starlink customers. Standard is $120/month, Mobile is $150/month.

          • hi i was going to get a mobile service but with what i read we don’t get as good service as standard. but i need it only 3 months per year. how complicated is it to suspend the service each year? i know it was easy with mobile plan.
            thank you!

          • I wouldn’t say you get better service with Residential. It’s just that the data has higher priority on the network. Coverage, signal, etc is the same. Mobile is best if you need to only use it a few months of the year. Residential can’t be paused, so you would have to cancel and then sign back up each time you want to use it.

  6. I want to attach my Starlink dish to my 40 Ft TV antenna. The amount of cable that I will need is 175 feet. What is the length of the cable that comes with the Starlink kit and can you add an additional cable to it.

  7. Am looking for internet for RV sprinter van. Looks like the cost is between $120-$150 monthly and equipment fee $599. I live in Phoenix AZ Am I correct in the start up costs. In addition is the unit available now ?

    • Everything you said is correct, the Mobile (Roam/RV) plan is $150/month for the ability to travel anywhere within your continent. $120/month is the Standard plan meant for a fixed address. The equipment for Mobile is $599. And yes you should be able to order Mobile and the equipment without any delay, there is no waitlist for this service plan.


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