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Flat High Performance Dish – A More Powerful Starlink

The Flat High Performance dish is part of the 2nd generation of Starlink hardware. Compared to the Standard dish, it’s larger, more powerful, and has a wider field of view. It’s the default hardware supplied with the Business, Maritime, and Mobility service plans. If you are needing the most powerful Starlink dish for a business, or for recreational in-motion use, the Flat High Performance kit might be the way to go. This article will cover the features and specifications of the Flat High Performance kit. I will explain the differences between the Standard and Flat High Performance dishes. Finally, I’ll …

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How To Change Your Starlink Service Plan

Starlink has been offering satellite internet service since late 2020. In that time, they’ve introduced several types of new service plans. Originally, it was just Residential. But now, in addition to Residential, Starlink offers Business, Roam (formerly RV), and Maritime. Sometimes our circumstances change. Maybe you originally ordered Roam for traveling, and now you want to use it at home. Luckily, Starlink makes it very easy to convert from one plan to another. You can change from Roam to Residential, Residential to Maritime, and so on. In this guide, I am going to walk you through the steps to change …

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