Can You Get A Static IP From Starlink?

Your Starlink is connected to the internet with an Internet Protocol (IP) address. There are two types of IP addresses, static and dynamic. By default, Starlink automatically assigns each customer a dynamic IP address.

Some customers may have a need for a static IP address. Typically, these are customers needing to use a VPN to reliably and securely connect to remote servers. The average home internet user doesn’t require a static IP.

Does Starlink offer static IP addresses?

No, Starlink does not offer static IP addresses, for any level of service. The Priority (Business) plan does offer a public IPV4 address that is publicly routable, but it is not a static IP address.

Why can’t I get a static IP for Standard/Residential?

Starlink assigns Standard customers dynamic IP addresses through a system called CGNAT. The internet has grown so much worldwide that there simply aren’t enough unique IPV4 IP addresses to go around. To solve this issue, ISP’s use technologies like CGNAT.

Basically, it allows ISP’s to pool together IP addresses, and then dynamically assign them as necessary to customers as they come online.

What this means for you is that your public facing IP address (what the internet sees) changes frequently. This can be an issue for certain activities, such as online gaming or connecting to a remote server through a VPN.

Because IPV4 addresses are in short supply, Starlink charges a premium to be able to reserve a public IP address. That is why you’ll need to subscribe to Starlink’s Priority plan to get a public IP. And even then, it’s not necessarily static, it could change at Starlink’s discretion.

Will Starlink offer them in the future?

Starlink says they may offer static IP’s in the future, for an additional cost. When the world adopts the IPV6 standard, this will be much easier for Starlink to do. But right now with IPV4, it is difficult and costly for Starlink to offer static and public IP addresses for their customers.

Alternative: Use a VPN service

One alternative to getting a static IP from Starlink is to use a VPN service. A VPN hides your internet connection behind a VPN server, so all traffic coming in and out goes through the VPN. It’s possible to avoid the Starlink CGNAT issues and potentially gain a static IP by using a VPN service.

VPN providers like Private Internet Access (PIA) offer plans with a dedicated IP address. For most applications, this dedicated IP would work like a true static IP. Signing up for a VPN plan with access to a dedicated IP is the workaround I recommend.

For more details, and recommendations on which VPN service to use, check out our article on using a VPN with Starlink.

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To learn more about IP addresses, check out this article.

For more information on CGNAT, and the exhaustion of IPV4 addresses, click here.

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19 thoughts on “Can You Get A Static IP From Starlink?”

  1. If you could please explain the Star Link device and its installation in the Mikrotik device
    The best ways to do it and increase the speed of withdrawal in it and all the best ways to do it with the settings. I greeted my dear brother

  2. Hello, I’m wanting to hire the priority plan for my company, with this plan is it possible for me to get the public ip to put on my firewall and direct the necessary ports?

    • The Priority plan allows for a public IP address. The Starlink router can’t do any kind of port management, you would need to be using your own network equipment and just avoid using the Starlink router.

  3. Unfortunately Starlink told me something that conflicts with this article.

    I just setup Starlink Business this week (we are on the Business plan), and I can confirm that Starlink declined by request for a Static IP.

    Their response to my request regarding a Static IP was: “Please note that we current don’t offer static IP’s…”

    If you know something different, that would be great, including how to request your Static IP as a Business Customer.


    • I got around the static IP issue with a customer of mine and their VPN needs. I used the paid system, very cheap to do. A local client stays updated on your side with the current assigned dynamic IP, then it works with the domain name you choose to use with your dyndns account. Hope this helps.

    • That’s unfortunate. I would try again with another customer support agent. The Business plan does offer a static IP. If you search for “static ip” on the support section of the website, it says that customers needing a static IP can upgrade to Business to get one:

      That said, they may be in the process of changing their policies to remove this feature from Business plans. I would be curious what the next customer service agent says when you request one. Perhaps they have changed things.

      • According to their support page, they say “Starlink public IP policy is an optional configuration available to Business and Maritime customers. A public IP is reachable from any device on the internet and is assigned to Starlink network clients using DHCP. Moving the Starlink to another location may cause the public IP to change.” There is no mention of a static IP that I can find.

    • They do not advertise a static IP address with their business plan. They advertise a publicly routable IP address. On their FAQ page, they further clarify that Starlink Business customers get a publicly routable IP address assigned by DHCP that can change.

  4. I dont know enough about this stuff; if I am a medical professional and need to regularly access VPN to enter company system, but do not want company knowing my location at all times through my IP address, is star link able to accommodate this?

    • Starlink should work fine. Some company VPN’s don’t work well with Starlink’s CGNAT system, that’s about the only issue to worry about. Your company wouldn’t be able to tell your exact or even approximate location from that IP. Most likely it will show from the nearest Starlink ground terminal station, which can be hundreds of miles away. For example, when I browse the internet or stream TV, I get Chicago ads and commercials because my IP shows from Chicago, even though I’m physically hundreds of miles away. It’s just the way Starlink IP’s work right now.

      If you are concerned about privacy, consider using your own VPN as another layer before connecting to your company. You can set the IP address to be physically located anywhere. I personally use Private Internet Access (PIA).

  5. Hello, have a need for static ip addresses in a mobile situation. If I flip to business plan for static IPs am I able to do mobile? Also if my mobile is only in a small area (like 5 mile radius) is there something that precludes me from doing that even if not a mobile plan, as long as I have the right hw, etc?

    • I’ve never heard of a mobile Business plan, so I’m not sure. I do know that you wouldn’t be able to use it 5 miles from the service address. I would recommend buying, sending a support ticket asking about this issue, and then simply returning for a refund if they can’t meet your needs. It’s unfortunate that they don’t have a sales department that you can contact, so that’s about the best way to do it at the moment.

  6. My wife and I use Starlink as our ISP. We were having issues with Hulu earlier today. As everything else wa working fine, I called Hulu Customer Support and throughout the hour long discussion, they were able to ascertain that Amazon was listed as the ISP and NOT Starlink. I ran a speed test and again, Amazon was shown as the ISP. Hulu indicated that Amazon was acting as a VPN and that I needed a static IP to recieve Live TV and establish a Home location for Hulu. This is the first issue we’ve had with Starlink ( or Hulu ). Compounding all this as I have been unable to locate a single email address or phone # for Customer Support . Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Startlink should be able to offer a port management to forward ports to a destination as any router does.
    Today, no way to use SIP UDP trunking so bye bye the possibility to use any SIP providers.
    Or Maybe get the choice to select Bypass with or without CGNAT.


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