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We test and review all kinds of Starlink hardware and 3rd party accessories. If you want an expert opinion with hands-on experience with the products, you have come to the right place!

Guide To Using A J Mount With Starlink

J mounts are commonly used for mounting satellite dishes, antennas, and other communication equipment. J mounts can be secured to a variety of surfaces, and in a variety of angles and configurations. Since they are available on the market from many different manufacturers in different sizes, they can be a great option for mounting a Starlink dish to your roof, eave, or wall. The versatility of a J mount is great, but value is where this Starlink mounting solution stands out. Comparable mounts from the Starlink store can cost twice as much as the aftermarket options we will present in …

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How To Create A Starlink Mesh Network For Improved Wifi Coverage

Are you having Wifi signal issues in certain parts of your home? A mesh Wifi system might be the answer to your problems. Mesh networks are nothing new in home networking, but an official Starlink accessory now allows people to easily implement a mesh network in their home without 3rd party hardware or IT experience. The accessory that creates the mesh network is the Starlink Mesh Wifi Router, formerly known as Starlink Mesh Node. In this article, I will explain what mesh networks are and how they work. I will also detail and review the Starlink Mesh Wifi Router. Finally, …

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Starlink Mounting Options – A guide to official and DIY mounts

The base that comes in the Starlink kit is not going to be a permanent solution for most folks. How you end up mounting your dish will depend on many factors, including obstructions, roof angle, and budget. In this article, we will guide you through the various Starlink mounting options. We will also take a look at various mounts, including official Starlink products and third party products. Where are your obstructions? The very first factor to consider is whether you have obstructions at your desired mounting location. Obstructions can be anything that blocks a clear view of the sky in …

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