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We test and review all kinds of Starlink hardware and 3rd party accessories. If you want an expert opinion with hands-on experience with the products, you have come to the right place!

Easy Plug And Play 12V DC Power Supply For Starlink Roam

This image shows the completed Starlink DC 12V power supply.

Starlink officially launched their Mobile (also called Roam) service tier way back in May of 2022, but the lack of official accessories made for RV’s continues to baffle me and many of my readers. The most requested accessory for Starlink Roam is a 12V DC power supply. So far, Starlink hasn’t delivered in that area. Thankfully, 3rd party companies have answered the call, and there are several ways to create your own Starlink DC power supply. With a few supplies, and basic electrical skills, you can build your own DC power supply for Starlink. It can be powered by your …

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Starlink Ridgeline Mount Kit – Installation And Review

The Starlink Ridgeline Mount Kit is a non-penetrating roof mount that is designed to work with virtually any roof style, pitched or flat. On a pitched roof, you simply install it at the ridgeline. The base adjusts to almost any angle. It can also be configured to sit on a flat roof. No drilling required! Ballast weights hold the mount to the roof. I’m pretty excited to take a look at this new mount. I have a Residential Starlink and an RV Starlink dish. I like to keep my RV dish powered on so the firmware can stay up-to-date. The …

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Starlink Ethernet Adapter Setup And Review

The Starlink Ethernet Adapter is an accessory from Starlink that adds an Ethernet port to your system. It’s a small device that plugs into the router. The Wifi router that is included with the Gen 2 Standard hardware kit does not have an Ethernet port. So if you would like to connect devices to the internet using a hardwire Ethernet connection instead of Wifi, you will need the Starlink Ethernet Adapter. In this guide, I will walk you through the very simple steps of installing and setting up the Ethernet Adapter. I’ll also give you my review, including my initial …

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Best Aftermarket Wifi Routers For Starlink

The Wifi router included with every Starlink kit works fine for most people. However, if you want better performance, more features, and expanded coverage, an aftermarket router is a good upgrade to consider. 3rd party routers unlock more potential for your Starlink system. You can gain access to parental controls, device management, and port forwarding, for example. In this guide, I will explain the advantages of using an aftermarket router. I will go over what makes certain routers stand out, and what features are important. Finally, I’ll recommend a few of the best Wifi routers to use with Starlink. Advantages …

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Tutorial: Starlink Long Wall Mount Installation

The Starlink Long Wall Mount is a great option for mounting your dish to an exterior wall or fascia board. In this tutorial, I am going to show you the process of installing the Long Wall Mount. You can follow along with the text and images in this article, or check out the video below. Video Tutorial Pre-installation requirements Before you being, make sure the location you selected for the Long Wall Mount is free of obstructions. You can use the Starlink app obstruction tool to make sure you won’t have any obstructions. It’s also a good idea to temporarily …

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Guide To Using A J-Mount With Starlink

Starlink Gen 1 dish

J-mounts are commonly used for mounting satellite dishes, antennas, and other communication equipment. They can be secured to many types of surfaces, and in a variety of angles and configurations. Since they are available on the market from many different manufacturers and in different sizes, they are a great option for mounting a Starlink dish to your roof, eave, or wall. The versatility of J-mount’s is great, but value is where this Starlink mounting solution stands out. Comparable mounts from the Starlink store can cost twice as much as the aftermarket options I will present in this guide. I will …

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A Guide to Starlink Mesh Networks

Are you having Wifi signal issues in certain parts of your home? A mesh Wifi system might be the answer to your problem. Mesh networks are nothing new in home networking, but an official Starlink accessory now allows people to easily implement a mesh network in their home without 3rd party hardware or IT experience. The accessory that creates the mesh network is the Starlink Mesh Router. In this article, I will explain what mesh networks are and how they work. I will also detail the different types of mesh routers that Starlink offers. Finally, I will recommend some 3rd …

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Starlink Mounting Options – Guide To Official And Aftermarket Mounts

The standard base that comes with every Starlink kit is not going to be a permanent solution for most people. If you plan to install the Starlink dish on your roof, it’s best to get a mount designed for that purpose. Ultimately, how you end up mounting your dish will depend on many factors, including obstructions, roof type/angle, and budget. In this guide, I will walk you through various Starlink mounting options. I will cover all types of mounts, including official Starlink products. I will also recommend some aftermarket mounting accessories. By the end, you should have a good idea …

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