Starlink Cable Lengths

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The Starlink cable connects the antenna (dish) to the router/power supply. This cable carries both power and data for the dish.

The length of the cable between the router and Starlink antenna varies, depending on which type of Starlink dish you have. Here are the cable length specifications for each model:

Standard Residential and RV

The Standard Starlink cable length is 75 feet, or 23 meters.

With the Standard hardware, it is possible to replace the 75 ft. cable with a 150 ft. cable. You can purchase the 150 ft. extended cable from the Starlink shop.

Note: The cables cannot be combined. For example, it’s not possible to purchase the 150 ft. cable and attach it to the existing 75 ft. cable to create a 225 ft. cable.

High Performance and Business

High Performance and Business Starlink kits come with an 82 ft. cable (25 meters). There is no extension cable available for this hardware model.

Flat High Performance and Maritime

The Flat High Performance Starlink dish comes with a cable that is 26.2 ft., or 8 meters. There is no cable extension available.

Original Circular Dish

The original, round Starlink dish comes with a 100 ft. cable.

Because this model uses standard connectors, cable extensions are available aftermarket with the use of a coupler. Starlink does not sell cable extensions for the round dish.

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Stephen Henderson
Stephen Henderson
1 month ago

I need to install my starlink cable UNDERGROUND for approximately 145 from the dish to my home–is there a cable available to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!