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Easy Aftermarket Cable Extension For Starlink Gen 3

The Starlink Standard kit includes a 50 ft. shielded Ethernet cable, which carries power and data from the router to the dish. For permanent home installations, the Starlink cable is usually routed through an exterior wall. If the dish mounting location is far away from where the router will be placed, 50′ of cable might not be long enough. If you need a longer cable, there are a few options to consider. You can purchase the official 150′ cable directly from Starlink. A cheaper option is to buy an aftermarket Ethernet cable that meets the required specifications. The last option, …

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Starlink Cable Lengths

The Starlink cable is what connects your dish to the router/power supply. It carries both power and data. The connectors on each end of the cable are proprietary, meaning they are unique to Starlink. The type and length of Starlink cable depends on which model dish you have. In this guide, I’ll go over the cable lengths for each type of dish, and answer some common questions I get about the Starlink cable. What type of cable is the Starlink cable? The Starlink cable is shielded CAT5e, also known as STP CAT5e. It contains 4 twisted pairs, for a total …

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