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Starlink Launches Portability Feature For A Fee

On May 4th, 2022, Starlink customers received an email from Starlink, letting them know that Portability was now available. We had previously written about Starlink Portability/Roaming Mode, but now the feature is official, with an additional fee that was unexpected. Back in February 2022, Starlink first enabled the ability for customers to roam outside of their assigned service cell. This feature went unannounced, but quickly drew the attention of Starlink users who desired the ability to use the service on the go. Now Portability/roaming is live, and it costs extra. Here is the email that went out to Starlink customers: …

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Starlink Opens Up Orders For Starlink Business

Starlink Premium

A few months after Starlink announced the new service tier, Starlink Business is now open for orders in certain areas. Starlink Business is designed for commercial users who need more bandwidth and support compared to residential users. Speeds, compared to the standard Starlink tier, are about double for both download and upload. Users needing higher speeds and 24/7 priority support are now able to purchase their Business hardware kit, with one big caveat… No New Hardware For Business Orders Business customers who made a deposit will start to receive an email from Starlink letting them know they can proceed to …

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Starlink Adds Availability Map

Starlink has added a new tool to its website that allows you to check any area of the world for order availability through a map interface. This new Starlink Availability Map gives potential customers a way to quickly check if their area is open for orders. Existing customers will also appreciate this new tool, as it shows them more detail into where the boundaries for their service cell are. Previously, only rough estimates were available for where the service cell boundaries where. How to Access Starlink Availability Map You can access the availability map by visiting in your web …

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Starlink Increases Prices for All Customers

Starlink price increase

SpaceX Starlink customers are finding a bit of bad news in their email inboxes today. According to an email from Starlink, prices will be increasing for new and existing customers effective immediately. Starlink is citing inflation as the sole reason for the price adjustment. In the United States, inflation has increased nearly 8% in the last 12 months. Many businesses have faced similar decisions about raising prices as consumers struggle to deal with rising costs in all economic sectors. How Much are Starlink Prices Increasing? Starlink customers have to pay a monthly service fee, plus pay up-front for the equipment. …

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Starlink Firmware Update Adds Snow Melt Configuration

Starlink melting snow and ice

Starlink customers using the latest firmware release 992cafb5 will notice a new page on the app that allows snow melt configuration changes. The firmware release was first noticed on January 12, 2022 and has been rolling out to customers since. I thought the Starlink dish already melted snow? If you are confused about this new “feature”, let us explain. In the original versions of the beta kit and firmware, the Starlink dish used a lot more electrical power than it does now in the most recent versions. Originally, the power consumption of the dish created enough heat buildup to melt …

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