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You Can Now Activate Starlink RV Directly From The Dish

Starlink RV has been incredibly popular with recreational users since launching in May of 2022. The ability to pause service for seasonal use is one of the major advantages over the Residential plan with the Portability add on. One of the challenges facing many RV users who pause their service is the fact that an internet connection is needed to un-pause Starlink RV. I’ve heard from many users who only use their Starlink RV dish when cell phone coverage isn’t available. They drive out to their campsite, find out cell service isn’t available, and then want to un-pause service right …

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Starlink Launches Aviation Service

Starlink Aviation is the latest service offering from Starlink, aimed at the business and private jet market. Select aircraft will now have the option to provide high-speed, low latency internet to passengers for the first time. Service won’t be cheap. The hardware costs $150,000, and monthly service starts at $12,500 per month. There are no contracts, and the hardware is covered under warranty as long as service is active. Interested customers can reserve their hardware now with a $5,000 deposit. Starlink expects to start shipping hardware sometime in 2023. Starlink Aviation Specs Starlink says the Aviation service can deliver up …

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Starlink Launches Best Effort Service

Starlink is offering a new line of service, called Best Effort, to a limited number of people on the Residential waitlist. If selected for Best Effort, pre-order deposit holders will have a chance to get Starlink now, with an automatic upgrade to Residential later on when capacity expands. What is Best Effort? Starlink Best Effort is a service plan from Starlink that allows people in waitlisted areas to get Starlink service immediately, before their address is available for full Residential service. It’s exactly as the name implies, a “better than nothing” type of service. Like Starlink Roam, Best Effort customers …

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Starlink Maritime Now Starts At Just $250/month

Starlink is making waves in the maritime internet industry with their Starlink Maritime service. It joins Residential, Roam, and Business as another service tier on the continually expanding Starlink satellite internet service. Maritime has been available since July 2022, but it’s now more accessible than ever. Originally, the cost prohibited most people from being able to afford the service. But now, Maritime starts at just $ per month. In this article, I will cover the specs, price, and coverage area of Starlink Maritime. What is Starlink Maritime? Starlink Maritime is a service tier designed to work at sea, anywhere in …

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How To Adjust The Starlink Snow Melt Settings

Starlink melting snow and ice

If you live in an area that gets snow and ice, you will be happy to know that Starlink will automatically melt and clear itself. The phased array antenna uses quite a bit of power to operate, and that power generates heat. One result of this heat buildup is that snow and ice won’t stay on the surface of the dish. To help users manage the heat and power usage of their dish, Starlink includes snow melt settings in the app. You can adjust these settings to suit your own needs, based on the climate in your area. In this …

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Check Starlink Internet Speeds In Your Area With The New Map Tool

Starlink recently launched a new map tool on their website that allows people to view average download and upload speeds by location. The data displayed on the map comes from real Starlink customers who are performing speed tests using the Starlink app. Before the speed map was available, Starlink only listed a broad range of internet speeds by service plan. Now, you will know exactly what performance to expect. Even existing customers will find the map tool useful for benchmarking their own performance against others nearby. In this article, I’ll show you how to use the Starlink speed map. I …

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