Starlink’s Secret $90 Service Plan Has A Major Loophole

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In this video post, I talk about Starlink’s hidden service plan that is mentioned nowhere on their website. The “Standard – Discounted” plan is supposed to be only available for select rural addresses in the United States. But a huge loophole in the Starlink account management system allows anyone in the US to switch to this discounted plan, even at locations that don’t normally get the discounted rate.

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3 thoughts on “Starlink’s Secret $90 Service Plan Has A Major Loophole”

  1. I have still not connected my starlink Standard internet system . I ordered a mount ,has not arrived , I have no help setting satellite panel , My metal roof is slippery , Im a 74 year old woman , somehow after my attempt to set up and find signal, my starlink service is activated and Ive been billed the 120. per month fee. Ive tried to find someone to set up for me , no respond as of yet , where can I find a technican to set up for me, live out in the hill country of Texas , rural area

    • Starlink service is already activated when the unit ships, so monthly billing will begin almost immediately, whether you are using the dish or not. As far as installation goes, any electrical or satellite contractor should be able to install it for you. I would try to find a place temporarily to set it up, maybe off the roof somewhere, until the mount arrives. That way, you only need the technician to come out one time.

    • Do you live close to Camp Wood or Leakey? I can give you the name and number of someone who will help you. Emilie


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