Starlink Is Now Offering Professional Installation Services

The setup process for Starlink is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is get everything out of the box, plug it in, find a clear view of the sky, and then connect to the Wifi. Now, Starlink is making it even easier. Starting initially in Ohio, Starlink will offer expert installation service for the Standard hardware on residential homes.

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I first saw the news while browsing a Starlink forum, and had to check it out for myself. If you browse the support section of the Starlink website, you will find an article about their expert installation service. From what I can tell, this is brand new, this service just launched in the last day or two. Here is a screenshot of the support article:

For $199, you can pay Starlink to have a 3rd party installer professionally install your Standard kit, from mounting the dish, to routing the Starlink cable into your home. The $199 price just includes the labor, you will still have to purchase the mount and additional accessories separately. According to Starlink, the 3rd party installers will carry the full range of installation accessories, so you can purchase them at the time of the installation if needed.

The process seems pretty simple. You choose professional installation during your Starlink checkout. Starlink will then send your contact details to the 3rd party installer. They will reach out to you by phone to schedule an installation date. On the install date, they come out, evaluate your site and requirements, and perform the labor to install the kit. The installer carries additional Starlink accessories, which you can purchase on the spot if needed.

Starlink installation services option on checkout
Customers in Ohio will see the Expert Install option during checkout

There are a couple of important notes to cover. First, your billing cycle will not be dependent on your installation date. Upon activation, or 30 days after purchase (whichever comes first), your monthly billing cycle will begin. It doesn’t matter if you are using the service or not. Starlink recommends you schedule the installation appointment ASAP to avoid being charged for service you aren’t using. The second note – installation services are non-refundable. You won’t be able to get that $199 back if you decide to return your Starlink kit after it has been installed.

Right now, professional installation is only available in Ohio in the USA. I speculate that this is a pilot program so that Starlink can test the feasibility of offering these kinds of services to customers. I expect the availability of installation services to expand as time goes on. Since independent contractors are doing the work, it’s just a matter of partnering with 3rd party companies in other areas, and putting those installers through a Starlink training program.

Overall, I think $199 is a pretty good value for a complete Starlink installation. There are many potential Starlink customers out there that don’t want to, or physically can’t, permanently install a dish on their roof. For those people, expert installation means the job will be done correctly and safely, in a very convenient process. Would you like Starlink to expand their installation services beyond Ohio? Do you think the price they are charging is fair? Let’s talk about it in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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4 thoughts on “Starlink Is Now Offering Professional Installation Services”

  1. I’d bet that there is a real market for this type of service….also, I would suspect, a market for trouble-shooters, “repairers” and the like.

  2. I would love to have an installation service in my state. I cannot get on the roof to do myself and will likely have to screw it to the roof close to the edge as that is as far as I can reach.

  3. I had Starlink professionally installed by an internet installer on Oregon coast. We needed someone to go up 30 feet.
    The charge was 300 dollars and if you needed any accessories or additional cable the price was 40% more than if I had bought from Starlink. I over ordered and returned what I didn’t need.
    Was worth the cost. I wanted it to be a Starlink trained guy but not available.


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