Gen 3 Ridgeline Mount Unveiled, Sort Of…

I was both excited and confused when I found a brand new Gen 3 accessory listed in the Starlink shop. Last month, we got the Gen 3 router and power supply wall mounts. Now, we get the latest version of the popular Ridgeline Mount, sort of… I’ll explain the last part in a bit, but first, let’s talk about the Ridgeline Mount and why it’s so great.

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The Gen 3 version is the same price as the others, $250. That price includes shipping, with the mount and the ballasts shipping in separate packages. Starlink has launched a Ridgeline Mount for every generation dish so far, and it has proven to be a popular accessory, with mostly positive reviews.

I had great things to say in my own review of the Gen 2 Ridgeline Mount. It allows you to permanently mount a Starlink dish without drilling any holes. Easy, flexible, and movable are its top three advantages over other mounting options. You simply straddle the Ridgeline Mount on the roof ridge, and use the included weights to secure it down to the roof. The total package weights over 60 pounds, and is able to withstand strong winds like any other type of mount.

So then why was I confused when I went to order one for testing and review? Well, when I clicked the product listing for the Gen 3 Ridgeline Mount, it appeared the entire description was incorrect. The details and specifications for the latest mount were copied from the previous version, and the Starlink website team failed to update it for Gen 3. Take a look at this screenshot:

The product image clearly shows the new Gen 3 Ridgeline Mount. That is 100% a Gen 3 Standard dish, and you can even see the typical adjustment knob on the mount itself, used for manually aligning the dish. But as I read the product description, specifically the compatibility section, I was left scratching my head.

The shop page indicates that this new mount is compatible only with the Gen 2 Standard Actuated and High Performance dishes. However, the URL of the product listing clearly says Gen 3, and the picture also features the Gen 3 version of the mount. Even the installation manual link is incorrect, it just shows the instructions for the Gen 2 version of the mount.

I’m confident this is just another Starlink web team blunder. I’m so confident that this new product listing is the Gen 3 version that I went ahead and ordered one for myself. This wouldn’t be the first time Starlink has made this mistake. Back when they first launched the longer 45M Gen 3 Starlink Cable in the shop, a similar mistake was made with the product description. It was copied directly from one of the High Performance dish cable product descriptions, and published live to the shop without being changed to the correct Gen 3 45M cable details.

Let me know what you think about this new Ridgeline Mount version for Gen 3 in the comments below. I know a lot of you have been asking about using the Gen 2 Ridgeline Mount with Gen 3, and now it looks like this is the solution.

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9 thoughts on “Gen 3 Ridgeline Mount Unveiled, Sort Of…”

    • Yep, I will make sure to go over the dimensions in the full review. I ordered the mount but there is no shipping ETA at this time. Hopefully I get it within the next few weeks. I’m pretty sure it’s the same mast/adapter as all the other Gen 3 mounts, but I can’t confirm until I get the mount kit.

  1. I received my Gen 3 Ridgeline mount a month or so ago and still haven’t been able to use it because there is no mast to accompany it or haven’t figured out a secure way to attach the board to the ridgeline mount

    • The Gen 3 version was just released, so you must have ordered the Gen 2 version. I would contact Starlink to return it, and then order the Gen 3 version. It comes with the mast and adapter plate for Gen 3.

  2. I received my Gen 3 Starlink on Thursday and unsure how it will attach to the pole that comes with the ridgeline mount. Can you please provide some insight? Also, are you drilling a hole in your house for the cable? I have a brick house and found it hard to drill through the bricks when trying to mount security cameras.

    Thank you,

    • The Gen 3 Ridgeline Mount will include a mast and adapter plate that installs on the Gen 3 dish. Yes, I did use Starlink’s “Cable Routing Kit” to route the cable through the side of my home. They offer a version for brick as well, both are in the Starlink shop.


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