The Gen 3 Starlink Kit Is Now Available On Residential Orders

Starlink is rolling out their next generation hardware kit to more service plans and locations. You can now choose “Gen 3 Standard” for new Residential subscriptions in many US states. The Gen 3 hardware option now appears as the default equipment for many service plans and locations.

The launch of Gen 3 for Residential customers follows the initial public launch for Starlink’s Roam and Business service plans. Rather than completely replace Gen 2, it appears that Starlink is favoring a slow rollout of their new hardware. Gen 2, referred to as “Standard Actuated” on the order page, remains an option for all service plans.

Gen 3 isn’t an option at every location for Residential service. As of right now, Starlink has rolled out Gen 3 in mostly southern states in the US. If you live in states like Texas, Florida, or Georgia, you can order Residential service with the new Gen 3 kit. Starlink says they will expand availability to other states and countries later, without any estimated dates provided.

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The “Standard” hardware option (Gen 3) costs $599, the same price as “Standard Actuated” (Gen 2). The hardware is identical to the kits sold with Roam and Business, which is where Gen 3 was initially offered. Anyone in the US is able to order Gen 3 on a Roam or Business subscription.

If you would like to order Residential with a Gen 3 kit, head to, enter in your address, and check the available hardware options. If Gen 3 is available at your location, you will see a choice between Standard and Standard Actuated. Choose Standard for Gen 3. If you don’t see a choice of hardware, it means Gen 3 isn’t available at your location yet.

The rollout of Starlink Gen 3 comes as the company announced they now have over 2.3 million subscribers worldwide. Starlink has been expanding rapidly, with Paraguay and Honduras being some recent additions. SpaceX expects Starlink to become their main revenue source in 2024.

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17 thoughts on “The Gen 3 Starlink Kit Is Now Available On Residential Orders”

  1. Noah,

    Thank you for sharing this very helpful information. I am trying to make a decision between the Flat High Performance and the Gen 3 “Standard”. I certainly prefer the price of Standard, but also spend most of my day on video calls so I like the information I have read about the enhanced performance of the business class High Performance, but curious if that is accurate.

    Also, I have purchased the Nest Wifi Pro and my understanding is that I can use that to fully replace the Starlink Router.

    I have not yet looked at mounting options, but I have a metal roof so am hoping I can find something to mound to a side wall near the roof line. Any and all of your expertise is welcomed!

  2. Can you use any kind of ethernet cable with the Gen 3 or is it only compatible with Starlink cable? I need a longer cord but Starlink doesn’t have that option yet.

    • You will want an outdoor rated, shielded Ethernet cable. The 150′ Gen 3 cable is available in the shop. I haven’t tested an aftermarket cable yet (it’s on order, still waiting for the review) so I can’t confidently recommend this route yet. But it is possible to use aftermarket cables with Gen 3.

  3. Is Gen 3 available in Alabama? I like the idea of getting the lastest technology, but the lack of pole mounting options has me concerned as I do NOT like that included kickstand. I must mount mine of the roof to clear any obstructions.

    • Yes, it looks like Gen 3 is available for Residential and Roam for Alabama! Starlink offers a Pipe Mount accessory for Gen 3. That allows you to easily adapt the Gen 3 dish to virtually any pole, up to 2.5″ in diameter.

  4. What are my wall and eave mounting options with the all-new Gen 3 array? How difficult will it be to manually align the new Gen 3 antenna?

    • Starlink sells the “Wall Mount” for Gen 3, which is suitable for eave or exterior wall mounting. It’s not difficult to aim Gen 3. You just open up the app, align it as the app tells you in real-time, tighten the adjustment knob, and that’s it. No further adjustments are necessary.

  5. Thank you so much for the update! So for california, the gen 3 doesn’t show up as an option for residential service. Got it, not available. However, if I order via business, the $599 standard dish option as well as $2500 HP option. Is it a given that the $599 is the gen 3 kit? It is not specifically stated during the order process. Thanks!

    • On the desktop website, it shows you a picture of what you are ordering. On mobile I don’t think it does. You might try on desktop to make sure, but “Standard” should be Gen 3. Gen 2 is referred to as “Standard Actuated” on the site. Starlink isn’t calling it Gen 3 on the site, even though they refer to the router as Gen 3. In California, Gen 3 should be an option for Business and Roam, and you can always convert to Residential later on.


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