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The Gen 3 Starlink Kit Is Now Available On Residential Orders

Contents of the Gen 3 Standard Starlink kit

Starlink is rolling out their next generation hardware kit to more service plans and locations. You can now choose “Gen 3 Standard” for new Residential subscriptions in many US states. The Gen 3 hardware option now appears as the default equipment for many service plans and locations. The launch of Gen 3 for Residential customers follows the initial public launch for Starlink’s Roam and Business service plans. Rather than completely replace Gen 2, it appears that Starlink is favoring a slow rollout of their new hardware. Gen 2, referred to as “Standard Actuated” on the order page, remains an option …

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Can You Pause Residential? Sort Of, Here’s How

One common question I receive from readers is whether or not Starlink Residential can be paused for seasonal use. For example, if I have a vacation home that I only visit during the summer, I don’t want to be paying for internet service the rest of the year when I’m not there. I know what you’re probably thinking, isn’t that what Starlink Roam is for? One of the features of Roam is the ability to pause and unpause service as needed, but there are also some drawbacks. The main one being the deprioritized service that Roam customers receive. Roam is …

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Starlink Roam vs Starlink Residential

Starlink Roam (formerly Starlink RV) and Starlink Residential are two of the several plans offered by the satellite internet company. The names are pretty self explanatory – Roam is designed for recreational travelers, while Residential is for home internet. But the two service plans offer different performance, features, and costs. In this comparison guide, I will break down the differences between Starlink Roam and Residential. I will cover the hardware, costs, performance, and features. I will also detail the important ordering and billing differences. Finally, I’ll recommend which service you should get based on your needs. Hardware The hardware is …

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