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Starlink Obstructions, How Much Is Too Much?

Starlink satellite internet requires a clear view of the sky. The phased array antenna in the Starlink dish actively tracks and communicates with satellites that are orbiting overhead. Anything in the dish field of view, which is about 100 degrees, can cause obstructions. How much is too much? Can Starlink still be used with obstructions? In this article, I will seek to answer these questions and help you understand obstructions a bit better. I will go over exactly what obstructions are, how to check for them, and how well Starlink will work with various levels of obstructions. Starlink Obstructed – …

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Will Starlink Work In A Wooded Area?

Starlink satellite internet is intended to provide high speed internet to people in rural and remote areas, where traditional internet options aren’t available. Many times, those areas are heavily treed, so a clear view of the sky might be difficult. If you live in a wooded area with lots of tall trees, Starlink will work if you can mount the antenna correctly. This means mounting the antenna high up on a roof peak, tower, or pole. In this article, I will explain how the Starlink antenna works, why trees cause performance issues, and propose some solutions for people in heavily …

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