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Obstruction Data Is Now Saved In The App

Starlink obstruction tool

The obstruction data in the Starlink app no longer clears with each reboot. This change happened with a recent software update. The obstruction map can be manually reset if needed, and still updates with new information over time. In this article, I’ll explain the new obstruction map behavior and tell you how to reset the data. I will also talk about what Starlink is doing behind the scenes to improve performance for customers with obstructions. Starlink obstruction map If you aren’t already familiar, the Starlink obstruction map is a graphical representation of your dishes view of the sky. The map …

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Here’s Why You See A Blank Line In Your Starlink Obstruction Map

Line missing from the Starlink obstruction map

Starlink is satellite internet, using a dish on the ground to communicate with a constellation of thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth. With Starlink, you need a clear view of the sky to get reliable service. If there are trees or buildings blocking the view of the dish, you can experience interruptions. Starlink refers to these objects as obstructions. The Starlink app is your command center. You’ll find the status of your dish and router, as well as several different settings and options. One of the tools in the app is the obstruction map. The obstruction map allows you to …

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The Starlink Obstruction Map Now Updates In Real Time, Shows Satellite Paths

Starlink has updated the obstruction tool in the app to display real time information and satellite paths. Previously, the obstruction tool needed about 12 hours of data collection, before obstruction information could be displayed. Now, information is available immediately after the dish powers on. The obstruction map will update in real time, for about 6 hours after the dish boots up. If you’ve looked at your obstructions recently, you may have noticed the change already. The shaded areas of blue and red on the map are now more pixelated, and may not look as filled in as before. With the …

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Starlink Obstructions, How Much Is Too Much?

Starlink satellite internet requires a clear view of the sky to get the best performance and reliability. The phased array antenna in the Starlink dish actively tracks and communicates with satellites that are orbiting overhead. Unlike geosynchronous satellites, Starlink satellites move quickly across the sky. Anything blocking Starlink’s wide field of view can cause interruptions and performance issues. When it comes to obstructions, how much is too much? Can Starlink still be used with obstructions? In this article, I will seek to answer these questions, and help you understand obstructions a bit better. I will go over exactly what obstructions …

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Will Starlink Work In A Wooded Area?

Starlink satellite internet is intended to provide high speed internet to people in rural and remote areas, where traditional internet options aren’t available. Many times, those areas are heavily treed, so a clear view of the sky might be difficult. If you live in a wooded area with lots of tall trees, Starlink will work if you can mount the antenna correctly. This means mounting the antenna high up on a roof peak, tower, or pole. In this article, I will explain how the Starlink antenna works, why trees cause performance issues, and propose some solutions for people in heavily …

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