Starlink Officially Launches Service In Honduras, Offers 50% Hardware Discount

Starlink is expanding rapidly in Central America, with Honduras being the latest country to officially offer Starlink services. To kick off the launch, Starlink is offering a 50% hardware discount for new orders through December 26th. The announcement was made on X:

With the 50% hardware discount, customers in Honduras can buy Starlink for HNL5,250 instead of the normal HNL10,500 price. Monthly service for the Standard service plan is HNL1,500. A shipping charge of HNL590.00 will be applied to all orders. DHL will be the shipping provider for Starlink in Honduras.

Service and hardware discounts are common for Starlink, especially in lower demand areas where the satellites are often under-utilized. But in this case, I think it has more to do with the upcoming launch of Starlink Gen 3. Starlink will be trying to clear out their remaining inventory of Standard Gen 2 kits, and cutting the price in half is a great incentive for people in a brand new market.

Starlink is now available in 68 countries across all 7 continents. The rapid expansion comes as Starlink prepares to be the top source of revenue for SpaceX in 2024.

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