Device Limit Introduced For Residential Starlink Accounts

Starlink has introduced a new limit on the amount of Starlink subscriptions and kits that Residential customers can have at one time. The device limit is another move to curb the unauthorized reselling of Starlink kits on 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. In addition to this new device limit, Starlink also requires customers to own their equipment for at least 90 days before it can be transferred or sold to someone else.

Residential customers are now limited to 5 kits. If you are at the device limit, you won’t be able to purchase an additional Starlink on the same account. Customers that previously had more than 5 kits before this new rule are grandfathered in. They will be able to maintain all the devices in their account, but won’t be able to add additional devices.

The new device limit was discovered in the Starlink support section:

There is a limit of 5 kits for Residential accounts.

As of December 14th, 2023 customers with Residential accounts are unable to purchase additional kits once reaching the 5 kit limit.

If you had 5+ kits prior to December 14th, your kits will remain unaffected by this change.

Starlink Support Section

If you are a normal Starlink customer, this new device limit likely won’t affect you at all. It’s rare that a single Residential customer would have more than 5 Starlink kits or subscriptions. In my view, this new device limit is aimed at people who try to make a profit from buying and selling Starlink kits without authorization. For example, during hardware discount promotions, some people would buy multiple kits for the sale price, and then turn around and resell them at or near full MSRP for a quick profit. With the new device limit, as well as the 90 day minimum ownership period, it will be a lot harder for scalpers to buy and sell Starlink kits.

The new device limit does not apply to Business level Starlink accounts. Business customers can add as many Starlink kits as they want. If you are one of the few Residential customers who needs more than 5 Starlink dishes, you will have to operate multiple Starlink accounts if you aren’t grandfathered in.

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