Radius Outfitters Starlink Storage Case Review

The number of storage case options for Starlink has exploded in the last year, thanks to the popularity of Starlink Roam for RV’s, vans, and even commercial contractors working in remote areas. Starlink equipment is expensive, so it’s important to protect your investment.

In this article, I’m going to add another case to my list of reviews. Let me introduce you to the Radius Outfitters Starlink Storage Case. Radius Outfitters is a US-based company that makes all sorts of storage and organization gear, mainly targeting vans and other kinds of adventure vehicles. They pride themselves on being an engineer-led team, focusing on quality design and functionality. Their Starlink Storage Case is pre-assembled with a custom foam insert, designed for a Gen 2 Starlink Standard kit.

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I’ve reviewed several Starlink storage cases over the years, so I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. I use a Starlink Roam dish when camping in my travel trailer. The dish stays protected while on the road as it rides in the case, stacked with a bunch of gear in the back. After I return, the storage case keeps my dish safe and organized on a shelf in the garage, until my next adventure.

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The Starlink Storage Case from Radius Outfitters, which costs $369, is designed for exactly that purpose. They took their popular Gear Box 5500 case and added a custom Starlink foam insert, which allows it to carry everything in a Starlink kit safely and securely.

The case is constructed with a variety of high quality materials. The main shell is made of Cordura, which is a common material for luggage bags. You’ll also find nylon, and even leather, throughout the case. Inside, a foam insert has cutouts that fit the various Starlink kit components. The foam insert is removable, and Radius Outfitters even includes extra dividers. That means you can use this case for other tasks when you aren’t using it for Starlink.

Here are some additional features and specs:

  • Exterior dimensions: 25.25″ width x 16.75″ length x 12.25″ height
  • Removable lid (attached with Velcro)
  • Magnetic latch system
  • 2 high quality leather handles
  • Expandable pockets for additional storage
  • Velcro strips on the bottom that keep it from sliding around

Comparison to the Starlink Travel Case

The other product that this Radius Outfitters case reminds me of is Starlink’s own Travel Case. They are similar in a lot of ways, but the two cases are in different leagues as far as quality and features. At $250, the Starlink Travel Case is more of a budget option. The more expensive Radius Outfitters case has more features, better materials, and is easier to stack with other gear.

The outer shell of the Starlink Travel case has more of a plastic feel. The texture is nice, but it is prone to scuffs and scratches. The Radius Outfitters Starlink Storage Case has a similar rigidity, but the material on the shell is softer and more fabric-like than plastic feeling. The Starlink Travel Case has a weird wedge shape, and non-removable backpack straps. I found the Radius Outfitters case much easier to stack and store with other gear.

One advantage of the Starlink Travel Case is the zipper system that fully encloses your Starlink gear. In contrast, the Radius Outfitters case has a removable lid that is just held on by a large strip of velcro. The sides aren’t really secured, so I have to question the water and dust resistance of the case. That’s not to say the lid is going to pop open in transit or anything, just that I would rather have the ability to fully enclose the contents of the case.

Besides the higher quality materials and better shape, the advantage of the Radius Outfitters Starlink Storage Case is the additional functionality that the included inserts provide. When you aren’t using it to transport your Starlink kit, simply take out the foam insert, and use the included dividers to create your own unique storage case. The Starlink Travel Case doesn’t allow you to remove the foam insert, so its functionality is limited beyond carrying around a Starlink kit.

What I Liked

I had a chance to use the Radius Outfitters Starlink case during a four day camping trip, in addition to the time I spent with it at home, writing this review. Here are the things that it did well:

High quality materials and construction – I know I keep repeating this, but this case is simply high quality, and constructed very well. Radius Outfitters describes themselves as “engineer-led” and you can certainly tell. Everything, from the magnetic latch, to the leather handles, just feels like it will last forever.

Stackable with other gear – The case is rigid enough to have some other gear stacked on top. I have an E150 van, and the space behind the 3rd row bench is limited. I typically stack my gear in the back, and I had no issues fitting this case in with everything else. I also appreciated the Velcro strips on the bottom, which kept the case from sliding around on the carpet.

Not just a Starlink case – This isn’t just a Starlink storage case. Since the Starlink shaped foam is removable, and they include internal dividers, you can use this case for just about anything you want. If you’re a seasonal camper like me, your dedicated Starlink case might sit on a shelf for months. But with this Radius Outfitters case, you can use it for more than Starlink.

What I Didn’t Like

Every product has its weaknesses and tradeoffs. None of the following are deal breakers, but I feel like it’s important to know what I didn’t like, so you get a complete picture of this Radius Outfitters case.

Lid doesn’t feel very secure – The magnetic latch design is cool, and I appreciate that you can remove the lid. But the tradeoff is that it doesn’t feel very secure. If you grab the side of the lid and pull up, you can literally reach into the case, underneath the lid. Every other Starlink case I’ve reviewed has a more secure lid. Whether it’s a zipper system, or side latches, the lid has never been a concern like it is with this case.

Lid can pop off at times – Another issue with the lid is that the Velcro that holds it on can come loose when you flop it open. The first time I got it out of the box and opened the case, I just flipped the lid back, and it actually fell off. The weight of the lid, unsupported, is enough to cause the Velcro on the back to come off. You have to gently open the lid and support it with your hand as you lay it all the way back.

Final Thoughts

Overall, despite the issues with the lid design, the Starlink Storage Case by Radius Outfitters is by far my favorite soft shell Starlink storage solution. I prefer it over Starlink’s Travel Case. The shape is better, the materials are higher quality, and you can use it for much more than storing a Starlink dish. This is the case I would recommend if you are looking for something with a soft shell, that doesn’t need to be out in the elements.

At $369, I find it to be competitive with other cases that are designed specifically for Starlink. Many of the cheaper options skimp on materials and functionality. The more expensive cases are tougher, and meant to withstand the outside elements. This Radius Outfitters case sits somewhere in the middle, designed to organize your Starlink kit, and keep it protected while stored inside a vehicle.

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