Gen 3 Router And Power Supply Mounts Added To The Shop

Starlink updated their online shop to include two new Gen 3 accessories, the Gen 3 Router Mount and Gen 3 Power Supply Mount. Both new products are installation accessories, designed to give you more flexibility in where you place the router and power supply. The new items appear at the top of the Gen 3 shop page.

Besides the accessories that launched with the new Gen 3 hardware, these are the first new accessories to be revealed for Gen 3. Starlink started selling the new dish to US customers back in December 2023, with relatively few accessories compared to previous generations. The launch of the Gen 3 router and power supply mounts is a sign that they intend to keep expanding the Gen 3 accessory lineup.

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Gen 3 Router Mount

The Gen 3 Router Mount allows you to securely install the router to a vertical or horizontal surface. For example, if you use Starlink in an RV, you can use this new mount to secure the router to the side of a storage cabinet, so it doesn’t shift and get damaged while the RV is moving.

Maybe you are installing a Gen 3 mesh node in a room without a desk or shelf nearby. The Gen 3 Router Mount allows you to secure it to a wall, to keep the cables and equipment off the floor. Multiple screw hole locations allow for different mounting configurations.

The Gen 3 Router Mount costs $25 from the Starlink shop. The kit includes screws and wall anchors. You will need to supply a drill, drill bits, a screwdriver, and a level. After you install the mount, the router just snaps into place.

Gen 3 Power Supply Mount

Similar to the router mount, the Gen 3 Power Supply mount is an accessory that allows you to mount the Gen 3 power supply in a variety of ways. Personally, I’m excited to get one for my travel trailer. I use the Gen 3 Standard dish for camping. The power supply and router mounts will allow me to install the gear out of the way in a utility cabinet. Right now they are just sitting on a shelf, taking up precious space.

The Gen 3 Power Supply Mount costs $25 in the Starlink shop. It includes screws and wall anchors, but you will need a drill, drill bits, a screwdriver, and a level to complete the installation. After the mount is installed, the power supply just snaps into place, and can be released by pressing the tab on the top of the mount.

Final thoughts

Starlink included router and power supply mounts in the Gen 2 Flat High Performance kit, but never offered them as accessories in the shop. There is a lot of demand for wall mounts. All you need to do is search Amazon to find designs from 3rd party companies. It seems like Starlink finally took notice and designed their own official versions.

I’ve ordered both new Gen 3 accessories to test out and review. Stay tuned for those articles by subscribing to our newsletter. In the meantime, are you planning on buying these new mounts? I’d love to hear your feedback and questions in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Gen 3 Router And Power Supply Mounts Added To The Shop”

  1. Enjoy your videos did subscribe wanting to buy the new gen 3 star link router mount and battery pack mount for my RV however can’t locate it anywhere any help would be appreciated thank you.

  2. We have only had Star link for about 6 weeks. It was working wonderfully until Saturday night. I had it bypassed and was using the Net Gear Orbi Mesh system. I have checked all cords, changed cords because I bought 2 lengths. A friend even let us hook up their dish and it worked for a few hours and now it is not working. I live in a rural area and have to drive to town to get any service. I submitted a ticket yesterday how long does it take to get assitance?

    • Typically a couple of days, but it just depends. What exactly is wrong? What does the app say? Have you tried to factory reset the Starlink router, and see if you can get internet from the Starlink router Wifi?

  3. I messaged Starlink yesterday about purchasing a V-3 router for my Gen 1 dishy and simply got the “it is not yet available to users but by invitation only. Do you have any V-3 routers or know when they will be available? I suspect they plan to sell off all the last of the V-2’s before selling them.

    • Hmm, that’s pretty odd. I know they haven’t put the Gen 3 router in the shop yet, but it’s available if you purchase the Gen 3 kit. And I know, based on other reports, that Gen 3 owners have been able to message support and order additional Gen 3 routers for mesh nodes. I wonder why they wouldn’t sell you one, it must be because you don’t have a Gen 3 system?

      I don’t have any updates on the release timeline for Gen 3. Originally, according to Starlink, they were to be publicly released in January. Here we are in March, and still no release, despite the Gen 3 full kit being sold for about 3 months now. I don’t know why there has been a delay. You can check eBay and Facebook Marketplace to see if any pop up, although they are still rare, so I doubt you would see any. I’ve seen one listed on eBay, and it sold for over $300, so that’s not ideal even if you could bid on one.

      I think it’s just a waiting game at this point.


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