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Guide: Extending Starlink Wifi Between Buildings

Wireless point-to-point connection for Starlink

Starlink is incredibly popular in rural areas, allowing people to finally get connected with high speed broadband internet. Rural properties often have multiple structures, like garages, shops, and barns. It’s important to stay connected these days, no matter where you might be working on the property. I get this question all the time from readers: How do I get my Starlink Wifi signal from one building to another? The router that comes each Starlink kit only covers about 3,200 sq. ft. Most outbuildings are far away from the main house, making mesh systems and Wifi extenders impractical. In this guide, …

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Removing Unknown Devices From Your Starlink Wifi Network

The Starlink app is useful for a lot of things, like monitoring your Wifi network. You can check to see which devices are currently connected, allowing you to make sure only authorized devices are using your internet connection. Starlink is usually able to identify devices. The app will automatically assign names that let you know what they are. For example, when I connect my smart thermostat, it automatically shows up with the name, “ecobee”, which is the manufacturer of the device. Sometimes, Starlink isn’t able to identify or name a device automatically. When this happens, it will show up as …

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