A Powerful Solar Storm Hits Earth Tonight, Starlink Service Could Be Impacted

The NOAA has issued a warning about an upcoming geomagnetic storm that is predicted to hit earth tonight and into December 1st. The solar storm, predicted to be a category G3 on the NOAA’s G1 to G5 rating, could impact electrical systems, low-earth orbit satellite constellations, HF radio, and GPS systems.

Starlink operates thousands of satellites in low-earth orbit, so we could see minor outages over the next day or two. The upcoming storm has photographers and weather enthusiasts excited, because it creates good conditions to see auroras, even at mid-latitudes. The NOAA says auroras may be seen as low as Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Oregon.

If you notice your Starlink internet connection cutting out, check the Starlink app, and look at the outage statistics. You might see longer outages tonight and tomorrow, categorized as “Network Issue” or “No Signal Received”.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can do besides wait it out. In the past, these kinds of storms have only had minor impacts in Starlink’s network. You might not even notice a single interruption, even with this G3 storm in full swing.

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