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Gen 3 Standard Wall Mount – Review and Installation Tutorial

The Standard Wall Mount is a mounting accessory from Starlink that allows you to permanently install your Gen 3 dish to an exterior wall, eave, or fascia. Starlink has simplified their mounting options for Gen 3, opting to combine the previous Short and Long Wall Mount’s from Gen 2, into just one product for their next generation dish. The Standard Wall Mount combines the features from previous versions, with some interesting new additions for Gen 3. If you are looking to mount the Gen 3 Standard dish to your home, the Standard Wall Mount is one of the only options …

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ISEKIE Starlink Router Wall Mount Review

I originally installed my Starlink router next to an exterior wall, where the Starlink cable comes in. There weren’t any shelves or tables nearby to put the router on, so I just left it on the floor. I planned to secure it to the wall somehow, but back then, there weren’t any products made specifically for the Starlink router. I recently came across an accessory that looked like it would solve my problem. The gets your Gen 2 Starlink router off the ground, and out of the way. In this article, I will be going over what it is and …

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