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Starlink adds “Tilt” setting to app for in-motion use

Starlink Tilt Feature

Starlink has updated their mobile app with a new feature aimed at customers using their dish while in-motion. You can now adjust the tilt/angle of your dish. If you have a motorized dish mounted on your vehicle’s roof, you’ll be able to keep it at a flat angle while you are driving. This helps prevent wear and tear on the motors, and makes in-motion performance more consistent. The “Tilt” setting is only available for actuated (motorized) Starlink dishes. Also, it will only appear in the app if you are on one of the Mobile or Mobile Priority service plans. Tilt …

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Here’s How I Set Up Starlink In My Tesla

If you like to take road trips like I do, you’ve probably been in many situations where cell service isn’t available, sometimes for hours. In remote areas of the United States, even if you have cell service, usually it’s only good for calls or texts. Mostly, I just want internet for music and podcasts. But internet access also allows me to communicate with friends, family, and emergency services if needed. Starlink offers a great solution for staying connected in remote areas, even on the road. Did you know Starlink dishes work while driving? Yep, even at 80 mph, a Starlink …

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