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Guide To Starlink Data Types And Data Caps

Starlink prioritizes the traffic on their network into four categories: Mobile, Standard, Priority, and Mobile Priority. Higher tier data types like Priority and Mobile Priority have better performance and more features, while the lowest tier provides basic features and the slowest speeds. With all the recent Starlink branding changes, it can all get a bit confusing. This guide is intended to help you understand the four types of Starlink data, and which plans they are associated with. I will cover the details of each type of data, including performance, data caps, and features. Data Type vs Service Plan Technically, the …

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Starlink Removes 1TB Soft Data Cap For Residential Users

The Starlink website is busy with change this afternoon. I have several important changes to go over in this post, and expect existing informational posts to be updated later this week. The 1TB soft data cap is gone Let’s start off with the big news that Residential Starlink customers no longer have to worry about the 1TB soft data cap. In the revised Fair Use Policy, Starlink describes Residential service as the ‘Standard’ service plan: The Standard Service Plan assigns an unlimited amount of “Standard” data each month to customers. Starlink Fair Use Policy (US version) Previously, an allotment of …

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