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There Is Now A Waitlist In Zambia Because Starlink Is So Popular In The African Country

Starlink has been expanding rapidly this year, adding support for several African countries. Starlink launched their service in Zambia in October, and apparently, the satellite internet service is in high demand. In most of the country, Starlink availability is not a problem. But if you are in or around Zambia’s capital city Lusaka, you might have to wait to get Starlink. Starlink is a game changer for the deployment of high speed, low latency broadband internet. In markets where the construction of terrestrial communication lines is slow, low Earth orbit satellite internet services offer an alternative for immediate connection. Residents …

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No More Waitlist – Starlink Residential Is Now Available Everywhere In The US

Starlink started offering service in late 2020, and since then, user capacity has been a major issue in the US. The dreaded waitlist was a result of limited network capacity, as Starlink worked to deploy more satellites. In densely populated areas, like the eastern US, you might be stuck waiting for months, or even years, before you got the email from Starlink letting you know your order was finally ready. Now, with over 4,000 active satellites in orbit, the waitlist is no more. Starlink expanded availability of their Residential service plan to include all of the US. Starlink Roam was …

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