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Starlink Speeds Are Down 35% From Last Year As Company Struggles To Meet Demand

Since launching their satellite internet service in 2021, Starlink has grown to around 700,000 subscribers globally. Another 700,000 customers have pre-ordered, which tells us demand is high, but capacity is limited. Starlink has around 3,000 satellites in orbit, with many thousands more planned in the coming years. 2022 has been a story of growing pains for current Starlink customers, especially in the US. Each time Starlink adds customers in an area, each subscriber gets a little bit less bandwidth. Without a proportional increase in the satellite constellation capacity, this means slower speeds, higher latency, and frustrated customers. tracks broadband …

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Starlink Internet Speeds

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service continues to expand around the world. Starlink internet speeds and latency are competing with fixed broadband, cellular, and other satellite internet providers. In this article we will check the latest Starlink speeds so you can decide if the service would work for your situation.  We will look at two different sources. First, we will look at the official Starlink specifications for download and upload speeds for the various service tiers. Then we will look at the real world data to see if the specs match what users are getting. Official Starlink specifications Starlink has different …

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