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Starlink Internet and Gaming – Does it Work?

Starlink for gaming

The biggest limitation of traditional satellite internet options for gaming is the high latency, more commonly called ping or lag, in online gaming. Latency is the time it takes for a data packet to go from one computer to another. For online gaming, latency is the most important part of the connection, even more so than download or upload speeds. This is because the data going between the server and your local game is not that large in size, but how long it takes for that data to travel back and forth has a major impact on your experience. In …

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Starlink Internet Speeds

SpaceX‚Äôs Starlink satellite internet service continues to expand around the world. Starlink internet speeds and latency are competing with fixed broadband, cellular, and other satellite internet providers. In this article we will check the latest Starlink speeds so you can decide if the service would work for your situation.  Real world speeds for Starlink Every quarter, publishes a report on Starlink internet speeds and latency. This report gives us great insight into the average performance a typical customer can expect. Here are the results from the Q2 2022 report, the latest available. Note: The data below is for the …

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