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Median Starlink Latency And Ping Times

When most people think of internet performance, they think of download and upload speeds. Those are both important, but latency and ping are critical for modern online activities. If you have ever tried to game online or work remotely on an internet connection with high ping, you know what I mean. Ping is the unit of measurement for latency. Latency and ping are often used interchangeably, although technically incorrect. Latency is the amount of time it takes for a message to reach the destination from the origin. If a message took 70 milliseconds (ms) to reach the destination, you would …

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Check Starlink Internet Speeds In Your Area With The New Map Tool

Starlink recently launched a new map tool on their website that allows people to view average download and upload speeds by location. The data displayed on the map comes from real Starlink customers who are performing speed tests using the Starlink app. Before the speed map was available, Starlink only listed a broad range of internet speeds by service plan. Now, you will know exactly what performance to expect. Even existing customers will find the map tool useful for benchmarking their own performance against others nearby. In this article, I’ll show you how to use the Starlink speed map. I …

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