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Does Starlink Work Well In Bad Weather?

Starlink satellite internet often sounds too good to be true. High speed, low latency internet for people who haven’t been able to get it before? People tend to assume that it must be unreliable, or won’t work well in bad weather. After all, there must be some kind of catch, right? Reliability is important for internet users. Whether you are working from home, or streaming the big game, we all want the most reliable internet possible. But for many people, Starlink satellite internet is the only high speed option available. We can’t control the weather, so many people have questions …

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How To Adjust The Starlink Snow Melt Settings

Starlink melting snow and ice

If you live in an area that gets snow and ice, you will be happy to know that Starlink will automatically clear itself. The phased array antenna uses quite a bit of power to operate, and that power generates heat. One result of this heat buildup is that snow and ice won’t stay on the surface of the dish. To help users manage the heat and power usage of their dish, Starlink includes snow melt settings in the app. You can adjust these settings to suit your own needs, based on the climate in your area. In this article, I …

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