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Casey’s Convenience Stores Use Starlink To Overcome Limited Internet Options In Rural America

If you grew up in the Midwest, Casey’s general stores were a staple of everyday life. It’s where you would fill up your gas tank, grab some pizza, or bump into friends. These days, Casey’s is still expanding, with around 2,500 locations around the country. Over half of those locations are in rural towns with a population of under 5,000 people. Just like ordinary people in rural areas, Casey’s struggles with broadband internet access. The US generally scores low in the area of internet infrastructure, especially in small towns, where there hasn’t been much private investment for fiber internet projects. …

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Starlink’s New $140 Business Plan Changes Everything

Starlink’s new Business plan tier might just make the Residential waitlist a thing of the past. Before now, the best option for people who couldn’t sign up for Residential was Starlink Roam. Although it is intended for RV’s and other portable applications, Roam uses the same hardware, and has immediate availability anywhere in the US. People in low capacity areas would just get Roam to use while they waited on their chance to get Residential. Roam downsides There are two main downsides to Roam. First, it is more expensive than the Residential plan. Roam costs $/month, while Residential is $/month. …

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Starlink Priority Plan Offers Higher Speeds For Power Users

Launched in February 2022, Starlink Priority (formerly Business) is a service plan primarily aimed at commercial and government customers. Compared with Starlink Standard, it offers higher throughput, higher speeds, and priority support. In this article, I will cover the details of the Priority plan and hardware. I’ll go over the performance, cost, hardware, and availability. Finally, I will explain the main differences between Starlink Priority and Starlink Standard, and recommend which plan you should pick. Starlink Priority Price The monthly service for Priority starts at $/month for the 1TB plan. There are additional plans available with more data. The hardware …

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