Starlink Mesh Nodes Now Available

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The Starlink Mesh Nodes are now available to order for all customers using the rectangular dish. Back in April 2022, we first reported on the Starlink Mesh Nodes. This new accessory is now out of beta testing and is available to order on the Starlink shop.


The Starlink Mesh Nodes cost $130 each. Customers are limited to 3 nodes per account.


Starlink Mesh Nodes are only compatible with the current rectangular dish. People using the original round dish will need to use 3rd party mesh systems. Our previous Starlink Mesh Node article contains a list of recommended 3rd party mesh products if you need a place to start.


The Starlink Mesh Nodes are dual band, and support WIFI5. Each node will come with a power adapter. There is also a port to connect the Starlink Ethernet Adapter. Visually, the Starlink Mesh Nodes are virtually identical to the Starlink router.

For additional details and a tutorial on how to set up the Starlink Mesh Nodes, check out our full guide.

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