Starlink Increases Prices for All Customers

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Starlink price increase
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SpaceX Starlink customers are finding a bit of bad news in their email inboxes today. According to an email from Starlink, prices will be increasing for new and existing customers effective immediately.

Starlink is citing inflation as the sole reason for the price adjustment. In the United States, inflation has increased nearly 8% in the last 12 months.

Many businesses have faced similar decisions about raising prices as consumers struggle to deal with rising costs in all economic sectors.

How Much are Starlink Prices Increasing?

Starlink customers have to pay a monthly service fee, plus pay up-front for the equipment. Both costs are going up.

Equipment Cost Increase

Effective immediately, the Starlink hardware kit price will increase to $599 for new customers, up from $499.

For customers who have paid their $99 pre-order deposit, the price for the hardware kit increases to $549.

Monthly Service Cost Increase

All Starlink customers will now pay $110 per month for their monthly service fee. This price is an increase from the previous $99 per month.

Most customers will see the new monthly service fee in their next billing cycle.

Additional Portability Fee

As of May 4th, 2022, Starlink has officially launched the Portability feature, aka roaming. To use Portability, customers will have to pay an extra $25 per month.

Canceling Starlink Service

There are no contracts with Starlink internet service. Customers are able to cancel at any point, without fees. With this price increase, many are wondering what their options are.

If you have had Starlink for less than a year, you can cancel your service and return the hardware kit to receive a $200 partial refund.

If you have received your Starlink hardware kit within the last 30 days, you can return it for a full refund.

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Tony Allen
Tony Allen
8 months ago

Is the increase in deposit due now?

8 months ago

Can you advise me exactly how to return my star link?