Starlink Account Transfers Halted, Self-Service Coming Soon

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Starlink has temporarily halted the processing of service transfer requests, pending the implementation of a new self-service feature. The new service transfer tool will be available from the account dashboard sometime in February. In the meantime, people will not be able to buy, sell, or transfer their service.

From the Support Page

The FAQ section of the support page includes the new information, and I’ve attached a screenshot above. It looks like they won’t be making any formal announcements, so I will be sure to make another post when the self-service feature is live.

Customer Support Overload

The change to self-service for service transfers follows many months of long Starlink customer support wait times. Some of my readers have reported wait times of 2-3 weeks before a response. My guess is that Starlink wanted to alleviate some of the support tickets, and allowing customers to transfer service themselves is a good first step.

With a do-it-yourself solution from the account dashboard, customers will be able to input the information themselves to initiate a transfer. With this automated method, the time it takes to complete a transfer should be drastically reduced, as the request won’t be stuck in the backlog of support tickets anymore.

Transfer Requirements Don’t Change

It’s important to mention that the requirements for a transfer won’t change. The buyer’s address will still need to be eligible for service. The seller needs to maintain their Starlink account in good standing. All balances need to be paid before service can be transferred. There is no indication at this time that RV accounts will be allowed to transfer with this new self-service tool. Previously, Starlink has not allowed RV accounts to change ownership, even though there is no waitlist for RV.

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