Is Starlink Available In Texas?

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Starlink is a satellite internet service operated by SpaceX. Since the service launched in 2021, the number of customers, and the size of the satellite constellation, continues to grow. But I don’t even think Starlink expected the demand that the service has seen. In many parts of the United States, including Texas, Starlink is at capacity as people rush to sign up. As Starlink continues to grow their satellite constellation, capacity will increase, and availability won’t be as limited. What is the availability in Texas looking like for 2023? Let’s dive in to the details.


If Starlink isn’t available at your location due to capacity issues, you can be placed on the waitlist if you pay a $99 deposit. As capacity opens up in an area, the extra slots are filled on a first come, first served basis. Those on the waitlist will receive an email when it’s their turn to be able to order Starlink. The length of your wait on the list depends on many factors, but it is typically several months.

Right now, the more densely populated areas of Texas are at capacity. Addresses in the areas surrounding Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin are likely to be waitlisted. Generally, the eastern parts of Texas are where Starlink isn’t available right now, while the western areas are available.

How To Check For Availability In Texas

Checking to see if Starlink is available at your address in Texas is very easy:

  1. Visit the availability map
  2. The light blue areas are available now, while the darker blue areas are on the waitlist
  3. Type your address into the search box, then hit Order Now

You will then see one of two messages. If you see Order now to reserve your Starlink, it means you can pay the $99 deposit to be put on the waitlist. Starlink isn’t currently available at your address.

If you see something similar to the image above, Starlink is available at your address, and you can order your hardware right away. From here, fill out all your information, and continue the checkout process.

When Will Starlink Expand?

If Starlink isn’t available at your address, you are probably wondering when capacity will expand in Texas. The good news is that Starlink is launching new satellites regularly. In fact, they typically launch new batches multiple times per month. See this list of Starlink launches for details.

As more and more satellite launches inch the Starlink constellation closer to completion, capacity will open up in Texas. Generally, capacity is opened up each quarter of the year, but sometimes availability unexpectedly updates. I recommend pre-ordering with the $99 deposit as soon as you can, and then checking your account dashboard on regularly for updates.

Best Effort

Some customers that have been on the waitlist for a long time might receive an offer to join Starlink Best Effort. Best Effort is an attempt by Starlink to help out people with few internet alternatives, that don’t want to wait for Starlink to open up capacity. As the name suggests, people on the waitlist will receive a sort of “better than nothing” Starlink service. They get the same hardware, but speeds and reliability may be reduced due to the capacity issues in the area.

When capacity finally does open up, Best Effort customers are automatically upgraded to the standard Residential service, with improved speeds and reliability. Best Effort isn’t something you can sign up for. Starlink selects eligible accounts. If you have a deposit placed for Residential, you are eligible. If you are selected to receive Best Effort, Starlink will send you an email, and you’ll have a notification on your account dashboard.

Starlink RV

One option for Texans needing Starlink right away is Starlink RV. The RV service is meant to be used anywhere with active Starlink coverage, and doesn’t have a waitlist to order it. The downside is that performance is reduced compared to Residential. You also will not be able to convert your RV dish to Residential when capacity opens up for your address.

See a complete breakdown in our article comparing Starlink Residential to RV.

Starlink Speeds

What kind of speed can Texans expect out of Starlink internet? According to Starlink, expect speeds from 20-100 mbps down, and 5-15 mbps up. RV and Best Effort customers will experience slower speeds in times of network congestion.


Starlink covers all of the United States, including Texas, but capacity is limited. As Starlink launches more of their satellite constellation, availability will improve. The best way to check for availability is to visit and enter in your address. If service isn’t currently available, put down a $99 deposit to be put on the waitlist.

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