How To Create A Starlink Account

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4 thoughts on “How To Create A Starlink Account”

  1. Even though we paid for starlink our son decided to order the set up and put it in his name he spat the dummy and moved out have found out he cancelled the service and won’t give me the account details so I can transfer the starlink to the rightful owner myself and partner
    The son has blocked us so how do I create an account to reactive starlink without having to pay again for the hardware as the hardware is here already

    • You won’t be able to do anything with your existing hardware, until it is released from your son’s account. Is your phone # on the account, or is it your sons? You could try the account recovery by phone if your # is on the account.

  2. So, I cannot visit the StarLink shop to see what things cost without logging in. I cannot ask them a question without logging in. I cannot log in without buying a plan first… so I have to buy the product before I can ask a question about it?!


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