Does Starlink Offer Phone Service?

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Starlink is a satellite internet service operated by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. One of the most frequently asked questions about Starlink is whether or not they offer satellite phone service. Currently, Starlink doesn’t offer phones or satellite phone service, but they have plans to utilize their satellite network for mobile phone connectivity.

It is possible to use Starlink as a satellite phone of sorts, by taking advantage of their Starlink Roam service and Wifi calling. In this article, we’ll explain Starlink’s future satellite phone plans. We’ll also cover current Starlink compatibility with mobile phones. Finally, we’ll show you how you can create our own satellite communication system using Starlink and your existing mobile phone.

A possible Starlink mobile hotspot in the future?

SpaceExplored reports that Starlink has filled a request to the FCC that will allow them to use the 2 GHz frequency. This is a significant development, because the 2 GHz frequency band would allow smaller devices, like cell phones, to receive and transmit data from the Starlink satellite constellation.

In the FCC filing, Starlink doesn’t give details on the satellite receiver device. But they do mention a smaller, portable device:

Americans are increasingly demanding connectivity wherever they are, whenever they want, and whatever they are doing. In particular, they have grown accustomed to being able to connect using small, hand-held devices that they can carry with them or affix to mobile platforms.

Starlink FCC Filing, 7/25/2022

Their interest in the 2 GHz band, and their indications of new hardware, means we could see a mobile hotspot type of device in the future. It also means we could see integrations with phone manufacturers, who could build in support for Starlink satellite communication on the 2 GHz band.

Starlink and T-Mobile partnership

In August 2022, Starlink and T-Mobile announced a partnership for a global emergency communications system. Starlink’s newest satellites will be deployed with a special antenna capable of communicating with existing cell phone hardware.

The new system will use T-Mobile’s existing cellular frequency bands. For now, the global roaming service will support very low data messaging, but Elon Musk has indicated support for voice calls and real-time messaging at some point.

It’s possible that Starlink will partner with other carriers in the future. One day, we may see nearly all cell phones and plans with the capability of emergency messaging globally, where cell signals don’t exist. With a clear view of the sky, cell phones could connect to Starlink satellites from anywhere in the world.

Current Starlink phone compatibility

Currently, Starlink is fully compatible with Wifi calling. That means you can use your cell phone to make calls by connecting to your Starlink Wifi network.

Wifi calling is supported by most mobile carriers, but it’s important that you check with your own carrier to make sure your phone and plan support the feature. You’ll also need to be within Wifi range of your Starlink router in order to use the Wifi calling feature via Starlink.

Using Starlink as a satellite phone

Starlink Roam is a service from Starlink that enables you to travel and use Starlink virtually anywhere with active satellite coverage. RV’ers, van dwellers, overlanders, and campers have all taken advantage of Starlink Roam to have internet service on the go, wherever their travels take them.

If you combine Wifi calling with Starlink Roam satellite internet, you essentially get a Starlink satellite phone that works anywhere with a clear view of the sky. Simply take Starlink with you when you venture out of cell phone range, and use Wifi calling and texting to communicate.

Final thoughts

Starlink does not currently offer phones or satellite phone service, they just provide home and mobile internet via their satellite constellation. Starlink did partner with T-Mobile with plans to offer satellite messaging services globally, though existing phone hardware.

Starlink has also indicated that they plan to introduce smaller, mobile receivers in the future. It’s possible we could see portable Starlink hotspots, or even further cell phone integration. For now, Starlink customers will have to rely on Wifi calling using their existing cell phones. It’s possible to use Starlink Roam to enable Wifi calling virtually anywhere in the world.

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  1. I am An American who just purchased a second home in Italy and don’t have an Italian phone number. I can’t seem to set up an account and purchase a Starlink system without it. Is there a live person I can speak with over the phone. I am currently in Italy and need to set this up ASAP.
    Thank you!

  2. I am sitting in an RV park in a canyon of Idaho and Starlink is the provider to the park. I’m amazed at the speed of Starlink!

  3. I trust Elon Musk. He is the only billionare that in my life time and to my knowledge that has dedicated his life to protect and improve our planet, humanity, our way of life for a sustainable future. This shows clear in the nature of each of his companies. Think about it for a minute! 100% of all the billionares support companies that are destroying this planet or have a negitive impack in some way. Amagine the amount of trash generated world wide from any on line retail company and the negitive effects it has. And to think there are thousands of these companies all over the world. We all should be proud to at least one person doing the clean up work of thousands. Amagine if all the billionares came togather and said let’s fix this place, let’s dedicate the rest of our lives to solving every single problem this planet faces. If it is not good for the planet, if it’s not good for humanity and it does promote a sustainable future then it’s a problem that must be resolved above all else. Folks I think the world would be a much better place for at least our children’s off spring.


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